I managed to get out of the scrape.

I'd really love to meet him.

The housewives provide their families with necessities.

If you listen, you can hear her breath.

You should've stayed in the hospital.

Are you all lost?

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I watch television every day.

He promises not to drink anymore.

I'll ask him for you.


The sum was rounded up.

The university offers access to its campus libraries only to those members of the public with a legitimate research need to consult our collections.

He just wants to have fun.

Writing French is more difficult than speaking it.

Let's see what it is.


Type this letter for me.

This handkerchief is made of paper.

The criminal was arrested.

His girlfriend was not supportive.

I'm not an astrologer; I'm an economist.


I have a lot of things I need to do.

A man of sense wouldn't speak to you like that.

We've had this conversation before.

Have a nice evening with your Paris friends!

Ricky handed Micky a ham and cheese sandwich.

I'll get him a present.

Damn you!

I have some good news and some bad news.

Himawan found Hartmann repulsive.

Did you spend the night with her?

Can I do this?

Beer's good.

Tell Kory I'm sorry I made you late.

Nakido is better than Twitter.

The cat lay hidden behind the bushes.

He is miles away.

Tell me the rest.

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What shall we do tonight?

Can you tell me where to buy tickets?

He fought until the end.

I'm having a very hard time.

The report released to the public was heavily redacted.

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Who owns this villa?


Duke has a sprained ankle.

In the name of God, protect me from this crazy woman!

The work-play dichotomy has something to do with the left-right brain dichotomy.


I don't remember The.

I have a deep love for Japan.

I heard about the accident for the first time yesterday.

Dirk doesn't care what I do.

Valeria doesn't talk to us anymore.


I'll come down to the village and pick you up.

I'll end up by going crazy.

I think I've persuaded Serdar to donate some money.


I'll carry this suitcase for you.

All of you did good work.

Why do you always contradict me?

It's marvelous.

Dana is helping his colleagues.

Jun could barely contain his excitement.

Nothing could hinder Kate from using all her energy to polish her performances.

Thank you so much for this.

What about your wife?

Ship ahoy!

He entered the garden secretly.

Troy seems to be losing patience.

My grandmother's visits are always special.


Generally speaking, being an accessory to any crime, including murder, means you knew it was happening and did nothing to try and stop it.

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A fart is the tortured scream of a trapped turd.

Kevan didn't return my calls.

The Jacksons are our neighbors.

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I cannot but object to his proposal.

What did you tell her about us?

If it's an aggressive strange salesman, then call me right away. I'll chase him off.

Don't worry. She knows what she's doing.

I'd like to explain everything, but I don't think we have enough time.

What's Piete's plan?

Give it to me straight.

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I suggest you talk to them.

What would you say to breakfast at McDonald's?

Despite the importance of sleep, its purpose is a mystery.


Ben, if anything, is a sensible man.

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Will these wounds heal?

What was their explanation?

Cut the paper in half.

I can't blame her.

I couldn't get out of doing this.

To help others is to help yourself.

Why are you learning English?

Beverly could help you.

I've got a job already.

Can you stay a few more hours?

The jet made a whining sound as it soared overhead.

My brother has never been beaten at tennis.

I took shelter from rain under the shop's eaves.

Not all children are interested in sci-fi.

It's a shame Oleg couldn't come, too.


I wanted to slap myself.

The runner jumped over the hole in the ground.

What does your son want to be when he grows up?

I don't feel good or rather, I feel terrible.

He retched and then started puking.

Daryl liked what Huey said.

We will be studying at the University of San Francisco in September.

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Where can I meet Tal?

Burn with desire.

I think it's my turn.

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They went fishing.

We went out for some fresh air.

Good luck finding one.

I think we can help each other.

Did she say that?

Vernon nodded sympathetically.

That's where Laurie is.

Five hundred dollars is a small sum for him.

You should check on them.

He doesn't watch any television.

But he was always happy to leave again.


I listen to the Spanish radio.


Even a cat may look at a king.


Nhan is quite a catch.


The girl had a large red hat on.


What I want, more than anything else, is for you to be happy.


I have given myself to music.

Keep the change.

You're such a bad liar.

He likes math, but I don't.

Actually, they want to pay us.

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Ruth deserves the salary we pay him.

You and I don't usually agree.

You can't stop them.

A friend of mine asked me to send her a postcard.

I asked Mom to get some for you.

Is the master of the house at home?

The coffee has got to be as hot as a girl's kiss on the first date, as sweet as those nights in her arms, and as dark as the curse of her mother when she finds out.

This is self-explanatory.

Ruth doesn't agree with Duke on that point.

Nathan is infuriated.

Jagath did nothing but watch TV all day.

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Brodie admitted to killing Debbie.

Vince was about to get his learner's permit.

Duncan is a born artist.

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He paid me cash down.

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When did you first notice that your wallet was missing?

My father would never read a tabloid newspaper.

I really miss Lynnette.


It's heavy, but I can manage it.


No place in the world is as beautiful as the Swiss Alps.


I've got to get it fixed.


We were playing by the rules.

You butchered that totally.

We've dodged another bullet.

The concert hall was alive with fans.

Could you please tell me why you love her?

All the boys were looking at Rodger.

That's the reason I'm here.

The basket is so heavy, but I can lift it.

He was so tired that he laid himself on the grass.


She didn't complain once.

We need to take care of the earth.

Humans have five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.


There will be another showing of this movie in two hours.

"Whose brushes are these?" "They are Picasso's."

Why is it important to preserve the bees?


Pluto and Charon are tipped on their sides.