Marsha put his bag under the table.


I've been thinking about this.


The professor is noted for his study of Shakespeare.

Is Emma going to jail?

How will I find it?

We just want to find Gary.

Who is essential for that?

Wayne gave Calvin sound advice.

It's almost like magic.

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I wouldn't want to sully your good name.

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No one will believe you.

Shawn almost spilled his coffee.

The cadres inspected our school.

You are embarrassing.

He shook his head back and forth.

We haven't really spent time with each other for a while.

It's hard to believe that Mike wasn't aware that Russ was in love with him.


You should get to know her.

Bad treatment fanned his dislike to hate.

Everybody's talking about what Hector did.

The pain is excruciating.

Tran used to always wear a watch, but now he just looks at his smart phone.

I never thought you really did that.

The word fugusha ("disabled") might be insulting.

You can't swim well, can you?

He knocked on the door again and again, but there was no answer.

I'm not good at self-promotion.

We'd better humor her.

Dawn has been running around the office like a chicken with its head cut off.

She tried not to think about what she had just done.

Don't forget to do what I asked.

I think she's jealous of you.

Who notified us?

Raja is one of the good guys.

His health is improving little by little.

My heaven is never enough.


Can we just not talk for a minute?

Of course, I'm young, and politics is conducted by grown-ups.

How many months pregnant are you?

Her father always comes home late.

Puzzles are fun.

When the snow melts it flows into the river.

I am starting this evening.

Father had his lawyer draw up his will.

We may all have to leave.

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I will not help you.


You seem to be much more optimistic lately.


Isn't anyone going to thank me?

The dog ran off as fast as it could.

I think Shai was the one who told me that.

I want to come back here.

She saved the drowning child at the risk of her own life.

Fingerprints left in the room proved the murderer's guilt.

Chip doesn't want to read that book.


No religion can nor has the right to pretend to be the only true religion.

I'm giving my old books away.

I haven't seen him in months.

Our water pipes burst.

There is a little hope that he will succeed.

Their honesty is questionable.

Diana got fatter.

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He went on with his list.

Vic volunteers at a homeless shelter twice a week.

Was it a full moon or a new moon?


These are interesting times.


That child was happy to get the gift.

It's expensive to modernize a city.

Thanks a lot, Bradford, but no thanks.

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Ian let the prisoner escape.

I never liked Ofer much.

I'm sure we can work something out.


I already did it.

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I come from a big family.

Thank you for drawing a bird for me.

It's very easy to use.

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I didn't wait for Jochen.


You could say it that way, but it's quite vulgar.

"The Mirabeau Bridge" is a very beautiful poem by Guillaume Apollinaire.

Graham will be missed.

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Why are you home?

Lanny was thirsty.

"Did Adam really hit Roxanne?" "That's what I heard."


Do as I say, and not as I do.


Suu is a terrible singer.

I don't want to translate that sentence.

I was surprised that you won the prize.

Children found Christmas presents hidden under the bed.

Her boyfriend is Turkish.

He hammered out a home run.

What time is it please?

A fight broke out between Dan and Linda.

I'm going to see them.


Monday is my busiest day.

Ernest's daughter got pregnant at 15.

She likes Russian pop music.

Please think it over and let me know your decision.

I would be very happy to hear from her.


Are you through with that?


They were hanging tight until the police came to rescue them.


You really need a psychiatrist.

What's that look like to you?

We had a mild winter last year.

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What time is supper?

This cat is as big as that one.

I'm done listening to you.

I must warn him.

They watched the solemn ceremony in the church with awe.


Beckie was paid thirty dollars an hour.

We need to do something.

The musician began to play the violin on the stage.

It was only meant as a harmless prank.

I used to beat my wife.

Kuldip said the same thing about Nathaniel.

Adlai was beginning to feel left out.

Now why would you go and do a stupid thing like that?

There are many big cities in this country.

I only have 24 hours left to decide.

I can see a pattern.

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I should've realized the truth a long time ago.

I understand.

How will you pay for that?

My hobby is to read.

Blue Sky Sport is closed every Thursday.


I bought a Picasso.

We sweep with a broom.

We've been standing here for more than an hour and the line has barely moved.


How many books does he have?


Magnus is aware of his shortcomings.


Nobody expected anything from me.

Do you have any apple pie today?

Kees turned down my request.

I have quite a little work to do this afternoon.

Johann commutes to work by motorcycle.

I'm all right.

There's not enough space here for 40 people.

Our train is delayed.

The bartender brought Sherri his drink.

The police car was driving at fairly high speed.

Malus put all his money in a box and hid it under his bed.


I have a map of the world.

We can drive in Japan when we are eighteen years old.

I wouldn't drive, I'd walk.

All of us approved of the plan.

I think Marilyn may be telling the truth.

We'll take care of her.

Graeme called Dion to the telephone.

Get ready to party.

I have attempted to create a good essay which utilizes my Japanese, but my professor said that much of it was incorrect and that I have to do it all over again.

I just thought you were happy.

I don't like the name Briggs.


I should have listened to Earle.


I ask you to please trust me.

What do the rest of us have to do to convince you?

If it rains tomorrow, I won't go on a picnic.


Let's play tennis. I've booked a court for 10:30.

I get the feeling that Amos doesn't know what he's doing.

If you see Hy, please tell him I'm looking for him.

Damn, where did I put my glasses?

You didn't get very far.


My sister is suffering from a bad cold now.


Sofia can't find one.