Mind-Blowing AI

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Machines can see!

World-class accuracy in Computer Vision

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Machines can listen!

Domain adapted speech recognition,
Speech Emotion detection

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Machines can
understand language!

Custom chatbots

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Machines can create art!

Generative models for images, music and
text to speech

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The promise of Big Data


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We were founded on the belief that machine learning and artificial intelligence are transformative technologies that will create the next quantum gain in customer experience and unit economics of businesses. Quantiphi helps clients find and capture hidden value from data through a unique blend of business acumen, big-data, machine learning.

Transform your business with
impact ready AI

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

Arthur C Clarke

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Custom AI models in computer vision, video intelligence, speech recognition and natural language understanding using state of the art libraries like TensorFlow.
Platform Engineering
Platform Engineering
Single click provisioning of cloud resources with most popular open source data science tools for model training and inference.
Intelligent Products
Intelligent Products
Leverage the 'Quantiphi Inside' advantage for your intelligent products.
Big Data
Big Data
Enterprise grade, fully managed intelligent data lake.



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Patient risk stratification and incentive linked reimbursement solutions

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