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We Will Liquidate Your Business
For £2,500. Guaranteed!

How We Help You

  1. We act fast, dealing with all your creditors including HMRC & your Bank. This immediately provides relief and reduces stress.
  2. We quickly deal with all the necessary legal paperwork and help you through the steps to closure including supporting any creditor meetings.
  3. We act as liquidator and close your business, protecting your interests and let you move on in life as soon as possible.

4 Weeks

We specialise in CVL’s and can complete much of the paperwork remotely. Our average business closure from initial instruction to liquidation is just 4 weeks.

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CVL’s: Acting Quickly Helps:

By acting swiftly, you reduce the costs and investigation associated with the insolvency process.

You act in accordance with your fiduciary duty as a director by ensuring creditors do not suffer unnecessarily. You take steps to mitigate the loss to creditors of your company.

You take control. Don’t wait for a winding up petition to land on your doorstep.

The faster you take action, the faster you can move on in life - even continuing in the same line of work if you wish.

Why Choose Us?

We understand you have already made every effort to avoid insolvency and day to day life is stressful at the moment. We can start immediately and quickly work with you through the process.
  • We Remove Stress
  • We Act Quickly
  • We Are Cost Effective
  • We Are Formally Accredited
  • We Are CVL Experts
  • We Act Confidentially

We see many examples of great businesses that have fallen on hard times or suffered through no fault of their own.

We understand that the company directors and shareholders have already tried valiantly to carry on trading, but circumstances dictate that this is no longer possible.

That’s why we get to the point and start work for you almost immediately.

As soon as we are instructed to assist, our clients get a huge sense of relief that the professionals are there to guide them and relieve the stress they may be suffering.

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Our CVL Costs

Liquidating a company is a complex legal process subject to Statements of Insolvency Practice (SIPs), regulatory requirements of our regulatory bodies and regulatory requirements in the insolvency legislation. The process involves calling a board meeting to approve the issue of notices convening the members’ meeting (required by statute to place the company into liquidation), issuing the relevant notices to members and creditors within statutory timescales, preparing a Statement of Affairs showing the financial position of the company, holding a general meeting of the company to pass the necessary resolutions to place the company into liquidation by the members followed by a decision by the creditors on the liquidator. Our price guarantee means the cost of this will not exceed £2,500.

Please note, once appointed a liquidator is entitled to charge fees for work carried out should there be sufficient asset realisations in the liquidation.

Low High

£2,500 Guarantee

We guarantee the total cost associated with putting your company into liquidation will not exceed £2,500 – regardless of how big your business is. Our fee is much lower than other insolvency practices.

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We are a small firm with big firm experience and so able to keep our overheads to a minimum, passing on the benefit of lower professional fees to the company.

In most cases, no. As a director of a company you have the benefit of limited liability on the company’s debts. Please contact us to discuss your particular scenario.

Contact us immediately for a free confidential assessment. If you decide to engage us we will be able to start working immediately by contacting the creditors who are threatening.

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