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Roderick came after Corey left.

Owen heard everything.

Julianto is in charge now.

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Should I close the door?

Some of the birds didn't fly.

Why don't you do that yourself?

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Christofer realized Marvin was right.

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The baby was soiled bib.

I'll see you at dinner.

The Union army's supply lines were on the north side.


Marci told me Giles was a better skier than you.

Louie didn't convince me.

I could do that in my sleep.


We work really well together.


And where is that?

I just had our house painted.

You're the laziest person I know.

They ran through the inheritance.

We'll set up a meeting.

I have a history of liver trouble.

Suresh suggested that they convert the old church into a concert hall.


I hear from him once in a while.

We need to take Randell to the hospital.

You could use my help, Olson.

How's your old lady doing?

He has given up running in order to focus on the long jump.

I was smiling.

It was a very good year.

You have to eat everything!

I have to be there before seven.

Hello. I'm Nancy.

Algeria is situated in North Africa.

He is angling for promotion.

What's that very tall building?

Frances finished his beer and then got up to leave.

I have to do something to help Natraj.

They feed on honey and bread.

He gives his children an allowance.


Do you want to be left out?

If you don't go, I won't, either.

"The boys went downtown." "Is that where Leigh is?"


The story turned my blood cold.

The ship sailed down the river.

Sally had to get up early this morning.

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I just want everybody to live.

It's difficult to answer that question.

The dog ran after the cat.

If humans were meant to fly, they would have wings.

I informed her of my success.

In legal terms, children are called "issue."

She moved to Paris in 1966.

It's obvious why your stomach hurts.

I've searched everywhere for a small apartment.


I trust what Matthew, Mark, Luke and John said, and if I were ever the victim in a car accident I'd be very happy if they were my witnesses.

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She sometimes has her sister write her term papers.


I thought of Rafael right away.


I'm not waiting to find out.

He was ashamed of her ignorance.

When pimple face uses the bathroom, it takes him at least two hours!

When did you wake up today?

Earnie told me it wouldn't be a problem.

I'm not allowed to be here by myself after dark.

Finish your homework by the time your father comes home.


Norbert is a plus-sized model.


Stevan painted a picture of Maureen's dog.

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Bjorne got home later than usual today.

Graduating from university without studying is a victory, isn't it.

You made me lose my mind.

This I have to see.

How can you watch such macabre movies without having nightmares?

Leo won't stop drinking.

I need you to find her.

We tend to use English when we see a foreigner.

I've never played golf.

We were all watching her.

Sehyo kept me waiting for thirty minutes.

If your room request includes a plush animal print rug, a director's chair with your name on it, or a life-sized cardboard cutout of yourself, you just might be a prima donna.

Do you have a cheaper room?


The game ended with a 1-1 tie.


It wasn't his.


Can usernames be changed?

I gave him as much food as he wanted.

The new product is on sale.

Julian is twice as heavy as Kerry is.

Everyone is anxious to know what has become of the former champion.

Our conversation lasted for hours.

The immobiliser light is on.


I've seen this.

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I'm taking French this semester.


I can't make him out at all.

Ravindranath is a successful dermatologist.

The fortress was in the enemy's hands.

In this parking place, the trailer would bump into the roof.

The painter produces many fine works of art.

You must be starving to death.

May your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

She lives in an apartment.

Are you happy with this?

They said he was too friendly with conservatives.

Mine is the red one.

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It is of great significance in this experiment to accelerate the particle M in the horizontal direction.

Piete told me what I should say.

I think I have a good chance.


Sjaak switched to English.

You really are a jerk.

Kusum, we have to talk.

Many stars were shining in the heavens.

I think Vic had been crying.

She wanted to get away from everyday life.

It sounds dangerous.

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Stand for a bit, okay?!

He came to understand that he could no longer work.

Which language is spoken in the U.S.A.?

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It is often said that a good way to lose weight is to stop eating sweets.

Where did you go to college?

Moore has accepted Suresh's resignation.

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Don walked back into the living room.

As I opened the door without knocking, she lost her temper.

I'm well acquainted with Sidney.


I suggest you let her go.

This is a wonderful book.

Who cares whether Nathaniel eats egg yolks or not.

It is high time Japan played an important role in the international community.

Are you sure you don't want me to call Kaj?

His remarks added up to a condemnation of my plan.

Which fruit is red?

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His actions had irrevocable consequences.


Show me what you can do.

I need to speak to you about something.

The enemy dropped many bombs on the factory.

Cornbread goes well in cupcake pans.

There was a happy twinkle in her eyes.


Let's call for backup.


They established a Japanese language class for the refugees.

Vice was dismissed from his job.

We were both afraid to talk.

Remember that you will die.

I want you to suffer.

The pain went away because I took the pills.

Your plan is bound to fail.

He has a sky-blue pullover.

This is not a complete list.

That makes for efficiency.

Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or Pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity.


Something's worrying him.

And she said she's a true princess.

Horst snuck up behind Terri.


I didn't know Amarth was a criminal when I first met him.

Your heart is free. Have the courage to follow it.

Why aren't we helping them?

I want you to listen carefully.

My baby kicks very hard.

Where can I take a tour of the city?

His unhappy childhood affected his outlook on life.

I don't like such sports as boxing and hockey.

After three hours in the casino, he's $2,000 in the hole.


There's only a little milk left.

My house is built of wood.

His silence makes me nervous.

I have to see it all.

I've got to go and get him.

For the rest of his life he'd remember every single detail of that morning.

Have you ever assembled a computer by yourself?