The subway entrance is on the corner.

Ronaldo shot the ball right into the back of the net to score the winning goal.

I used to keep my room much cleaner.

We fought a hard battle.


He wasted his time on gambling at the horse races.

I'll work as long as I live.

Anita unfolded the newspaper and started to read it.

There is a bench on the balcony.

Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.


Your tracking number is: 111222333.

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I had a sharp pain in my chest yesterday.

You certainly play the piano well.

We will notify you when your order arrives.

Mara doesn't know what Pierette is trying to do.

Stu doesn't wear a wedding ring.


She doesn't know her neighbors.

I am greatly indebted to you for all you have done for me.

We hired a car for a week when we were in Italy.

It looks like it's going to be sunny.

How far away is your school?

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I apologized immediately.

How did you help her?

Morgan has a drawer full of USB cables.

Are you the one who took my knife?

Knock it off.


I can carry those suitcases for you.

What was there to see?

Bruno is lighter now.

Travel is also a kind of rest.

In the Babylon 5 space station, Delenn is a Minbari ambassador.


Srinivasan left Olaf behind.

We'll have to talk later.

It is not polite to point at others.

I discovered that she was better at math than I.

The wolf will change shape, but will continue to eat chicken.

Only a free people can be happy.

He can't take care of himself.

Thierry, do you promise to still love me, despite what I'm about to tell you?

I wouldn't touch that.

Once you have begun to do anything, never give it up.

I don't think that's what you intended to do.


Curtis decided to tell Mat about his past.


If anybody could convince Graham, it would be Stephanie.


My mom baked cookies for me.

Harold can't wait to get started.

The arrangements are subject to change without notice.

He talks too much.

Where is Algeria situated?

Leila didn't say anything at all.

She doesn't keep her children under control.


I ate pohe for breakfast.

Jackye asked Tammy what kind of movies she liked to watch.

It doesn't look exactly like the picture in the catalog.

It will have been snowing for five days tomorrow.

Starbuck is going to the airport to pick Neal up.

The girl walking with Ken is May.

Would you tell Roxie we need his help?

They still haven't been able to work out quite what her motive was for resorting to crime.

Let's take a picture.

May I call on you again?

Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer.

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He is hiding his claws.

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I learned not to ignore my pain.


Please tell me when he'll arrive here.


Phillip writes romance novels.

I just found out she was pregnant.

What would you do if war were to break out?


The girl wrote something on the page of the book.

Party leaders are grappling with flaws in the party system.

If problems come up, call me.

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We're in the same group, right?

Nora answered the questions.

This book is beautifully illustrated.

Is he going to help us?

Please walk back a few steps.

Prices are going to rise still further.

Let her go home.


Make sure you aren't being followed.

I'd never dream of it.

Bale fouled and the team got a penalty kick.


I had to respect Kevan's wishes.

Metin's house is about the same size as Billie's.

It was very interesting.

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You should talk to them.

Why did you wait so long to tell anyone about it?

It looks like you've finally decided.

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This is very good ice cream. Won't you have some?

Lonhyn has just asked me out.

The national flag of the USA is called the Stars and Stripes.


They want to kill me.


How many phones does she own?

The doctor gave Christie a sedative.

She has a son who is a doctor.

I'll have to take you with me.

We look forward to getting back home.

Pilar took off his jacket and untied his bow tie.

Isidore shot and killed a bear.

Let's hope something good happens.

She opened the letter quickly.


The woodcutter led the children into the deepest part of the forest and abandoned them.

I used to love going to the beach.

Rodney didn't know what Cecilia wanted him to say.


There is a post office at the end of the street.

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Why is Kylo late?

Mat reads the Bible all day.

You seem lazy.

Taking into consideration the coming chill of winter, we cancelled our picnic.

Donnie was sitting at his desk, flipping through an old photo album.

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This is something that's never been done before.

Are you interested in flowers?

I would kill for a plate of polo right now.

This newspaper is selling fewer and fewer copies.

He's a musicologist.


Give help to anyone who needs it.


The president was greeted by the queen on arrival at the palace.

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This remote cavern is known only to him.


This isn't the only copy.


There are many more vowels in French than in Japanese.

That'll take a couple hours.

I just popped by to get some tinsel to decorate the Christmas tree.


It is grotesque: every private company, even small private companies, think European nowadays, but not so the governments of their states.

Why did you want Juha to leave?

There is a park in front of my house.

Please get out.

You don't expect people to pay you for every little thing that you do in your life.

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He proposed that another meeting be held next Monday.

This company makes money by selling your private information to third-parties.

Obesity is a problem caused by sugar.

Did Vaughn pay, too?

He followed hard after me.


We play soccer every Saturday.

I'm not worried at all.

Why would you think like that?


When Gerard has trouble sleeping, he starts counting stoats. That quickly brings him into a peaceful mood, and he is fast asleep before he could count the stoats to fifty.


I think Nora said he'd be back.

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I'm only trying to help.

Judge doesn't like traveling alone.

Neville is saving money so she can go to Japan.

Someone is spying on me.

Will you get me some salt at the grocer's?


I'll take them to Kate.


He bought a Honda.

Do you drink whiskey?

He makes mistakes every time he speaks English.

She bought a dozen eggs.

This ink is the best.

It's so bitter.

He is fond of painting.


Today shall be the longest day ever!


I think maybe Cliff was right.

The other policemen began shooting at the crowd.

Don't you think it's creepy?

She finished ironing the clothes a few minutes ago.

Use your imagination.

Is she anybody?

He beatboxes professionally.

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Is there an English speaker here?