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Vaughn has what we all want.


What was it Joubert said?


Lawrence showed up unannounced the other day and now we have a houseguest.


Do you know his number?

Amy is a seer.

The tragic event haunted Nora all his life.


Sandeep says he likes it.

She seems to have a tendency to exaggerate things.

I thought that you could speak French.

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Claudia didn't even want to talk to Tyler.

We are longing for peace.

Scott won't be able to get to the airport on time.

He is proud of having graduated from Tokyo University.

I wish that I could give you everything you want.


French is my mother tongue.

The girl shrank back in fear.

Effective decisions are based on the analysis of data and information.

Leith is going to be just fine.

Are you brothers?


The darkness around us was pitch-black.

That's her car.

After I sign these release papers, you'll be on your way.

Rajarshi overstepped his authority.

Is that what Beckie says?

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Do you and Rudolph stay in touch?

You said we were going shopping.

He said that he had met him a week ago.

We're all adults.

Destiny grants us our wishes, but in its own way, in order to give us something beyond our wishes.


He doesn't listen to his parents.


Everybody here knows Mayo.

Can I go home?

"I should have used a condom," lamented Kristen.

Let's just say no.

He was a scaremonger, always trying to make people worry.

Don't you want to talk to me?

Do you have any family member who knows German?


Please put a pitcher of water in my room.

Phrases are syntactical units.

Nils tried not to panic.

No one is coming to look for you.

Have you made any new friends recently?

"Do you like snakes?" "Obviously not."

Why was I never told about this?


I've had some bad breaks.

That last sentence of yours doesn't make much sense.

You should think of it too.

I hope nothing's been broken.

She's burying her money in the sand.

Sit down again, Miss Curtis.

You told him.

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Do we really need this?

I can recognise my own kind.

Each endeavouring, all achieving.

You met each other at the airport.

The arresting officer was Ann Jackson.

Gas cookers consume half the amount of energy as electric cookers.

So long as men worship the Caesars and Napoleons, Caesars and Napoleons will duly rise and make them miserable.


Children are the flowers of our life.

Mickey and Deb had to prune their household budget when Monty was retrenched from work.

It really surprised me.

The balloon was caught in the tree.

This is what I'm good at.

Bears also tend to sleep more during the day than at night, although in the summer, with twenty-four hours of light, this does not apply.

There was nothing I could do.

I recently broke up with my boyfriend of three years.

It is said that he has passed the examination.

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Hector has to get back to work.

If your room request includes a plush animal print rug, a director's chair with your name on it, or a life-sized cardboard cutout of yourself, you just might be a prima donna.

Po seems secretive.

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I don't deserve it.

We're dying.

Steven and Jos are playing cards.

It's THAT good?!

Did you find your car keys?

My birthday is November 10th.

Famous vibraphonist Stefon Harris has recorded at least one balafon solo.


I've downloaded a cool fitness app!

What a hideous-looking couch.

The toilet won't stop running.


Don't do that, OK?

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The garden was surrounded by a wooden fence.

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The new computer is ten times as fast as the old one.

The plan was a masterpiece of fraud.

The job-seeking season is starting earlier each year and it's the mass media that are causing that trend by moving up their job interview schedule.


She talked him into quitting his job.

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Forgetting his key, he was able to open the door by inserting a wire in the key hole.

It's true that a ghost appeared at my house.

I might not be home when you arrive, so just wait outside if that happens.

You shouldn't allow your son to act like a selfish brat.

Come and visit us in Paris sometime soon.


I watch lots of movies.

I'll miss her, too.

Holly flosses his teeth at least once a day.


We're perfectly safe here.

You need to get her a job.

Father and his companion will sow corn on the next hill.

Thuan claims he never said that.

Can you tell me where the nearest bus stop is?


We need to put a stop to this now.


What happens if that happens?

That nurse is a real angel to her patients.

She is late.

I caught a cold, and I have a fever.

There is no meat left in the fridge.

Arthur couldn't sleep.

Jesus laughed loudly and inappropriately.


He went to Paris for the first time.


There's but one avenue to earn money.


A bird in hand is safer than one overhead.

Masked men held up the passengers and robbed them of their money.

Please, lend him some more aid!

What date is today?

I had to give it a shot.

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Why are we being punished?


They pushed him out of the window.


Make yourselves comfortable. We have plenty of time.


I'd heard you were on the waiting list.

My father is old and boring.

Here's my return ticket.

Grandpa always said there'd be days like this.

I've been absolutely miserable.

She had a happy marriage with a teacher in September.

We're being audited.

Adam put some change into the vending machine and punched a button.

I'll bet your arteries are already hardening from all those French fries!


Please count your change again.

Why did you buy a turtle?

You know where to find me if you want to talk.

What business is it of yours what I want to do with my money?

He knows his job.

Brooke wouldn't tell me where he went.

I can't believe I just hugged you.


Gruyere is a Swiss cheese, but it doesn't have any holes in it.

His heart sank to his boots.

He can't sing.

They found the room empty.

That's what I've been told.

I phoned my son before boarding the plane, telling him to come to the airport to pick me up.

The candy I had in my bag went mushy in the heat.

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I couldn't convince Ann lend me the money I needed.

I must learn seriously.

Prices have been reduced by 20 to 40 percent.


He likes to play rough.


The more you possess, the more you desire.


They'll return home tomorrow.

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Why did you leave her alone?

I was eating something.

Dustin had a thoughtful look on his face.

My father was no less affectionate and tender to me than my mother was.

President John F. Kennedy announced as a national goal the landing of an American astronaut on the Moon.

I am now independent of my father.

Both guys laugh.

They can understand everything I'm saying.

I'm in no mood for games.

His abs were flat and toned.

Randolph came to visit us just last week.

They have their own troubles.

Ariel may one day be the boss.