That would be really great.

Can I ask you one more question?

Rajendra is rude, isn't he?

Juan stood close to Louise.

"He who manages to reestablish my crown receives a reward" said the king. "He receives my daughter, the princess, as his wife."

Without honor, victory is hollow.

Creativity and uniqueness certainly go a long way.

We elected Mr Jordan chairperson.

Dan accidentally set fire to the curtain.

I know someone who lives in your neighborhood.

Canada's crime rate is decreasing.

Lui isn't as qualified as Sjouke.

It took John only one day to make friends with his classmates at the school.

I think I've persuaded her.


I saw them leave the coffee shop downstairs.

Charlie wished he had been more careful.

I'm in town for one night only.

Dave finally did something right.

They began to develop a new industrial site near the river.

The teacher put a mark next to his name to show that he was absent.

Thank you very much for your tips!

What do you eat for lunch?

He grabbed the machine-gun and shot at the police car.


Could you call me back later?

They disappeared.

Women frighten me.


Stagger left the TV on all night.

They know how to make an atomic bomb.

Soon you'll get used to living by yourself.

Luis named his cat Cookie.

The declaratory sentence which, they say, was passed upon Adam, in case he ate of the apple, was not, that thou shalt surely be crucified, but, thou shalt surely die.

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Stan hasn't seen Tuna since Valentine's Day.


What time do you eat lunch?

Emil gave Marion a calendar and she put it on her refrigerator.

Dan's autopsy revealed that he died from an overdose.

Canned food doesn't interest him.

Seenu became a dancer.


Someone saved my life.


I stopped by Bobbie's school on the way home.

She left home with everything she owned.

I said that I would be twenty next birthday.


The actress said that she was engaged to a banker.

I don't understand what you are trying to say.

My zipper stuck halfway up.

When somebody praises you, remember to be your own judge; do not trust others about you more than you about yourself.

Let me say.


He was indeed very stubborn but, on the other hand, trustworthy.

Are you a twin?

Let us help you.

The colour won't fade.

Elric really is beautiful.

My brother fell out of a tree and broke his arm.

Don't be a spoilsport.

You won't regret hiring her.

Jane makes the utmost effort to win.

Every man to his trade.

I've missed so much.

We learned that Newton discovered the law of gravitation.

Clearly that match was going to be a very close thing.

Are you a model or an actor?

That's exactly what Debbie did.

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He is too proud to ask others any question.


I have a flexible schedule.

We're going for a walk in the park.

Dimitry locked himself in the closet.

There was an abandoned car by the river.

Although you can't make it as "the greatest person", you can still be the best person to your partner.

He finished the race.

I was playing tennis all day.

Would you like us to give you a lift?

The second part of the book is set in England.


Tahsin likes all types of music, but classical music is his favourite.

Never use a cannon to kill a fly.

He arrived on time in spite of the rain.

Don't you see what Glen's doing?

Only dedicated girls can endure this task.

Nicolette has denied the allegation.

Leila deposited some money in the bank.


Would you show me a less expensive camera than this one?


It's too late for apologies.

But as he was always spending money, and never made any more, at last the day came when he had nothing left but two shillings, and he had to leave the beautiful rooms in which he had been living, and go into a little attic under the roof, and clean his own boots, and mend them with a darning-needle.

I thought you wanted a divorce.


This first class wine puts meat on your bones and thickens your blood.


I have nothing against him.

She prayed for her son's return.

I need to decide what to do.

Now watch carefully.

Let me buy you another one.

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I hope Warren remembers this.

Bill didn't sound very optimistic.

Mauve was initially called "Tyrian purple."

I'm concentrating.

A tiger will attack people when it is hungry.


The sentence has to be completed like this:

How do you feel about this, Elijah?

Can you tell me what's going on in there?

Which cup do you see?

Yeah, it's no big deal.

You have three hours to finish the report.

I'm not certain Dan is happy.

I have confidence in you.

He is in fear of the dog.

She did not so much as look at me.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


To make matters worse, it began to rain heavily.

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I'm sorry, but I didn't understand what you said in English.

I need to find people to chill with.

Arlene is afraid of snakes.


He got up earlier than usual.


The party's over.

You know I can't wait for you if you're late.

A low pressure area covers all of Scandinavia with alternating wind and rain.

This is yesterday's newspaper. Where's today's paper?

I suggest you have a native speaker read over your report to make sure there are no errors.

I told Raif I was busy.

I just thought I'd ask.

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What's the trouble?


Sleep's the best thing for Pam.

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Eduardo already said that.

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What is all this?


We have rejoiced over his discovery.

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He's married.


Do you speak Turkish?

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I like watching planes take off.

Do you think it's dangerous to eat genetically modified food?

Amy is crazy about fishing.

Why do people say that?

I hope I don't break something.

I already have a job.

They drove back to the hospital.

I lost my way in the woods.

Why did Susan commit suicide?

I know what I wrote.

My daughter is in hospital because she was injured in a traffic accident.

Radek didn't tell me about this place.

Sentient beings throughout the Galactic Empire could send telepathic messages across vast distances.

He's my old friend.

Ignore it.


They're gaining on us.

I'm trying something new.

It is the obligation of every worker to pay taxes.

They are going to get married tomorrow.

God, I hate my job.

Hy is a member, I think.

Dimitry couldn't hear what Loren was saying.


Laurel was impressed with what he saw.

I don't have time for this right now.

Now, before I say any more, listen to this;

What did Jennie go outside for?

We knew we could do it.


We have no evidence that such a virus exists.


Safety is what matters most.

The average American living space is twice as large as the living space in Japan.

I help them almost every day.


Do you feel OK today?

I know Marcos was busy.

Don't forget that Gordon is blind.

I sell clothing online.

I am very discrete.

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It keeps me up at night.

I have no intention of meddling in your affairs.

You're worse than I am.

I could help you with your exam if you want.

"Are you going to marry him?" "No, I'm not."