From one to one coaching, group and team coaching, training, workshops and motivational talks, our aim is to build a community of inspired life people being bold, bright and brilliant.

Coaching Services

Inspire me one on one

Unlock potential, build your resilience, know your style, grow your impact, define your direction and take action to embrace change, move past stuck and step into the best you can be. From building confidence to your career, coaching can help you get to where you want to be. From executive to small business owner, new parent to empty nesters coaching may be the answer to help you navigate the choices and challenges you face.

Coaching for leaders, managers, talented team members and aspiring new recruits.

Inspire our team

Harness the energy and enthusiasm of a new team, refresh and challenge old stale teams or give that cruising middle of the road team a reason to crank it up a gear. Use team coaching to help a small group of people who happen to work together find their common purpose, communication style and commitment. Can be used alone or in conjunction with one to one coaching.

Inspire my business

Organise regular coaching input into your company culture. Bring a coaching style into meetings, management and everyday conversation. We can arrange a coaching experience from a one off taster speed coaching event to regular half day sessions for whole departments. Using well vetted, accredited and highly experienced coaches we can flood your organisation, development day or industry conference with a coaching experience that will raise the bar and raise the energy and commitment to action for all involved.

Training Services

Inspired Workshops, Training and Talks

Bored of the blah, blah, blah, death by powerpoint, corporate L&D approach to training?

Fed up of investing massive amounts of time and money in training but getting low impact results in change and learning?

Here at Inspired Life People we know some stuff about how the brain works and how hard it can be to put new and interesting information into useful and valuable everyday action.

We want that investment of time and money to translate into high impact change and learning.

This is why we use our LIMA model of learning. Blending a coaching model with learning know how we aim to deliver training that takes up no more than 3 hours, delivers 3 key learning outcomes and provides 3 practical and actionable next steps for each candidate.  A follow up sessions focus’ on reflection, learning from experience and support to continue to put learning into action. Using group coaching support and providing candidates with coaching tools to support each other to put their learning into action this is a unique way to get the best value out of the training we can provide.


Training can be bespoke to your company requirements or you can look at some of the examples below and see if any of these would be of benefit to your organisation.

Make meetings matter: How to get the most out of your meeting and truly engage with your team

The art of giving feedback: How to communicate and bring positive feedback into your team

Positive psychology in the workplace: How to create an environment of creativity,  focused thinking, daily inspiration and success

Wellbeing workshops: Discover simple ways to build wellbeing into daily life at work

Leading boldly: Key leadership skills to up your game

Women on top: Workshops for women and organisations who want more women in top jobs

Inspired Life People is about:

Unlocking TALENT and true POTENTIAL.

Providing companies with ways to SUPPORT and MOTIVATE their staff to be the BEST they can be.

Working with you to foster more communication, wellbeing, ambition and belief within your organisation.

Bringing the best of life to life to inspire and motivate individuals, leaders and organisations to value each other and each day.


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