No one will ever know.

Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog: Few people are interested, and the frog dies.

If it'll help, I'll go talk to Cory.

The struggle to succeed sometimes leaves people feeling empty.

I've just got to try my hardest.

Daddy was in his office, under our flat.

I didn't mean to intrude.

I'm sure I'll find a good gift for Byron.


"We need to help Kyrgyzstan," said Putin to Hu Jintao... in my dream.

The poet was no richer than a beggar.

He did not want to talk about it.


It was a very traditional ceremony.


Billy pointed up to the ceiling.

This year we are going to spend our holidays elsewhere.

Could I have half a kilo of chicken thighs, please?

Dan didn't even take basic anatomy classes.

You mustn't tell anyone.

Many of the world's best chefs are male.

Dad says the most important thing is that I'm alive.


Your English composition is above the average.

It's very personal.

Is this your pen?

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He ate poisonous mushrooms.


Maybe Doyle could help.

After that English exam, my brain is fried.

He did not die of cancer.

John isn't well enough to go to school today.

It could've been worse. You could've died.

I can see you're upset. What's wrong?

To make use of the nursing service provided by nurse-care insurance the necessity of nursing has to be recognized (nurse-care requirement authorization).


Have you got a red pencil?


I'm late for an appointment.

I need to speak to her.

The ship's captain had no schedule in particular.

Just tell them I called.

He is a sage.

Central Bank is a bank that deals mainly with other banks and the government and assumes broad responsibilities in the interests of the national economy apart from the earning of profits.

That's quite helpful.

The doctor is known to everyone in the village.

It's time to come home.

Did you sign anything?

Yvonne was walking in the park with nothing on his mind.

Never having seen a mongoose, I do not know what they are like.

You're so handsome.

What were Sam and Allan told?

Miriam forgot to buy a birthday present for Lynn.


A chain of events led to the outbreak of the war.

Don't despise a man because he is poor.

The pupils of our eyes contract in sunlight.


It sounds easy, but it's not.

The derivative of a constant function is always zero.

Don't you think it went great?


Of all of us, Cris had the craziest sense of humor.

What did she buy at that store?

I was a prison warden for ten years.

Sherri started to cry.

Oh, I'm just going to take it easy.

The boat was very crowded.

Why did you buy another car?

You're obviously too young to be drinking.

Japan is an extremely noisy country.


I asked him if he had got my letter.

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Linley deposited three hundred dollars in his saving account.

Don't give me that.

I'm not the least bit worried about losing my job.

Wild animals roamed across the plains.

I think Michael's unsophisticated.

Take care of him.

Lester knew almost everyone there.


Were I young, I would go abroad.

What's your status, Gill?

She looked pleased.

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She is holding a ladle with her left hand.

This is where it happened.

I can sing this song without looking at the lyrics.


Phiroze was saying he didn't believe that Roy had a driver's license.

I'm expecting Isidore to win.

I'm fed up with her.

I must write down his address before I forget it.

I was in excellent spirits.

The audience were stomping, cheering and clapping.

We'll get to school soon; we are as good as there now.


Don't ever touch me again.

If there is such a thing as an unforgivable act, it is the act of not forgiving.

Hotta is getting bored.

Finally my luck is turning.

He receives a high salary.


Let's sit on the grass.

That's what I was hoping you could tell me.

Women eat lighter meals when they're eating with a guy.

We can move it by ourselves.

Randell gave Lenora some tips on how to use chopsticks.


Cliff did a really good job fixing my car.

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I consider her as an honest woman.

Working at home, parents can spend more time at home with their children.

Take care of the pence, for the pounds will take care of themselves.

He will learn these things not so much from what the other man says as from how he says it.

Belinda is a big fat liar.

The man drinks water.

You're still thinking about him, aren't you?

We concluded, however that the price of 5,000,000 yen was too high.

There's insufficient power.


I don't feel like laughing.


Was he in the special forces?

Education is the key to knowledge.

They shone like stars in the dark, dirty building.

My car is German.

We all abide by law to live in any society.

Toerless wondered if Liz would slap him if he tried to kiss her.

Let's unearth the potatoes.

I'm not talking about that.

I don't care for that sort of thing.


I have to buy a new rug for the room.

Help me take this apart.

Theirs is a large household; they have six children.

Bring it closer.

Robbin seemed taken aback.

Here, mistakes are the soul of dialogue.

I had nothing to do with that.

He's not fit to be a teacher.

Can you read my mind?

They'll take care of you.

Anybody is better than nobody.


You should make sure that you get there on time. Amy won't wait more than ten minutes if you are late.

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A very pleasant young woman waited on me in the department store.

Mayuko has not slept enough.

I'll tell you the truth.


I think we have an obligation to do that.


God, what's wrong with me today?


Simon will be delighted to see you.

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He embezzled the money from his office.


He put the room in order.

He could not accept a strange woman as his mother.

Jeannie looks like a weight lifter.

Vladimir spends all his time thinking about Mick.

She's gone completely off her rocker.

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Owls can see in the dark.

The weekdays are: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

I don't want to marry her.

Thomas zipped up his jacket.

Myron is hearing something.


Jayesh said he knew where Kimberly was going.

As soon as Paul gets here, we'll eat.

They say you should use your imagination.

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He made mistakes on purpose to annoy me.

We called the party a great success.

I don't want her getting upset.

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Don't scare the children.

It was too late for the party.

This box is green on the outside and red on the inside.

She asked him if he was a student at this school.

She's a hopeless romantic.

Not only the balls; the bat was also stolen yesterday.

I've done my job.


Birth control was still illegal in Canada in 1967; condoms were sold only for the prevention of disease.


She has a very welcoming smile.

Kimura is a Tokyo university graduate who became a taxi driver. According to some people's standards, he might be considered a failure, but I think it's fine as long as he likes driving.

He addressed himself to the reporters.


This one's supposed to be the best.

Where is the laundry?

Trees put forth new leaves and buds in spring.

I quit while I was ahead.

Someone leaked the secret to the enemy.