Liam Thursfield

Full-Stack Web Developer


Growing up, I always enjoyed tinkering with computers and trying to figure out how things worked.

This progressed into learning how to create websites, small programs in Java, and even a few Android Applications.

I went on to study Computer Science at University, achieving a First-Class BSc Honours Degree.


I currently work as a Full-Stack Developer (recently promoted from Junior!).

In this role I am able to work on/learn multiple systems, languages, and technologies.

These include HTML5, CSS3, and JS (including AngularJS) on the Frontend; along with PHP on the Backend, building the controllers and API endpoints used throughout.


Who knows what the future may bring?

Hopefully I will continue to improve - strengthening my core skills and adding new ones along the way.

A lot of what I have learned has been through YouTube. So, one day (when I am much more confident!), I would love create content that could help other developers.