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Dawson told me he used to be rich.

I'll call him back later.

I can't remember ever doing that.

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A soft answer is a specific cure of anger.


We are all people.


The well-known poet attempted to commit suicide in his study.


Would you like some more roast beef?


It's not blood. It's tomato sauce.

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I'll never let Isidore do that again.

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The woman is right.


Alcohol and other substance abuse is plaguing our society at the moment.

I think that the circumstances were very risky.

Jacobson takes his job seriously.

I just had breakfast.

Kelvin was looking for something.

Does your shame know no bounds?

I've got a pain in my side.


The number is not available now, try to call back later.

Nate has agreed to work for us.

We want Lewis to get better.


He actually did it.

You were sleeping, weren't you?

The bowl contains many kinds of candy.

Dewey and Tatiana are friends.

It is nothing less than an insult to her.

I wish I could speak French half as well as you can.

Attach this label to your package.

I think that most young people prefer to listen to rock music.

Rik waited for Herb at the station.


No, it can't be!

I caught him in the act.

The newcomers cultivated the immense wilderness.


They decided to close the factory.


Green suits you.

Whose picture is this?

Saad and Hsi seem to argue all the time.


I don't want to go.

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I've been thinking about doing this for a very long time.

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You were here then.

When I saw Joe again, I had a fantastic feeling.

We'll have to go back.


If he doesn't want to learn, we can't make him.

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Life is very flat in a small village.

You were never here when I needed you.

Do you rest on Sundays?

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I want to see a dick in your forehead!


He has elegant tastes.

This is the age of information, and computers are playing an increasingly important role in our everyday life.

All the guys teased me about it.

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I'm going to get on the next bus.


Mexico City, the most populated city in the world, is located in Mexico.

I just don't know what to do anymore.

We must investigate social abuses.

Julia didn't write it.

We'll never go back there again.

I'll be here.

When did Dorothy pass away?


"Do you think she's okay?" "I don't know."

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The new product is on sale.

Lois wished he had remembered to buy flowers for Christofer.

I once met a boy.

Could you tell me how to operate this word processor?

I can put things in a box.

It was really ugly.

Students should develop their reading skills.

I know how hopeless things can seem.

You should apologize to her.

I'm going to tell you about a strange incident.

It's been raining non-stop for three days.

Eliot had never met Raymond before that time.

The dining area is rather busy.

He went there instead of his father.

It is me that painted this picture.

I made an extra sandwich for you.

We must get over this difficulty.

In Paris his rich host Javal, a famous oculist, offered him a professorship and a salary to direct the movement, He declined. Modest and free: such were his tastes.

Hohn didn't wear a uniform.

China has more than a billion inhabitants.

You stay away.

I will cook dinner tomorrow evening.

The light bulb burned out.

Even his everyday speech was an off-the-cuff, tangential, disjointed narrative.

She was dressed in black.

Let me take your temperature.

Now you're talking to birds.

There wasn't a single survivor.

I was surprised at the discovery.

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I made her my secretary.

It was black.

I hope no one finds out what I've been planning all this time.

Anyone may use this dictionary.

This sounds like a trap.

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I'm well aware of the problem.

Thank you, my friend.

Let go or I'll scream.

Place it wherever you like.

I'm from around here, actually.

I studied in Boston for three years.

Are there any other problems that need taking care of?

Our school has twenty-four classes in all.

The pink pillow is clean.


She is still playing with a doll.

I've decided not to swim this afternoon.

In the beginning God created the Heauen, and the Earth.


Whoever is responsible for making this mess will have to clean it up.


The president approved the use of crossbows by the police.


Don't accept drinks from strangers.

You should drop by his gallery if you have time.

Go tell him that.

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What time do you walk the dog?

Adlai has big feet.

Change the channel!

The pain is unbearable.

Oh, woman, you are the best wizard in the world!

I need an envelope.

OK, where were we?


I was feeling very sorry for myself.

The implications of this did not at first sink in.

Maybe it was an alarming situation, but in the end it was a realisitic thing to say.


I'll present it to you now, but it's for your birthday.


Earnie is a New Yorker, but he doesn't have a New York accent.

If you eat too much you will become fat.

Calvin still doesn't look so good.

Yesterday morning I ate a waffle!

He knew that his move would arouse opposition but he didn't care about it.

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A high school student made this robot.

Some people started crying.

He bought the land for the purpose of building his house on it.

Did you have a good concert?

Lawrence and Carolyn are crazy about each other.

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He raised his hand to stop the taxi.

I just stayed quiet.

I heard the message.

You understand the risks.

Do you shave every day?

Olivier felt a little stupid.

This story is worth reading.


I'll make sure that doesn't happen again.

I didn't know Trent was a teacher.

I'm busy, otherwise I'd accept your invitation.

In all her pompous majesty, carried on the shoulders of the entire football team, stood the de facto queen of the school.

I won't betray him.


We were all rooting for them.

We laughed at their opposition.

Maybe Vadim likes swimming.

I don't know what else to say.

My jar is leaking.

Are you sure you don't want to come in?

The sun is the brightest star.

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I just need to see him.


This is actually a pretty good article.

You deserve to succeed.

It's not like Carisa to be so late.

Where can I rent a costume?

He did it the old fashioned way.

Brandy showed her the letter from Santa Claus.

I have to prepare for the test.

You go to the market.

He became a meme.