When did you last talk to her?

Procrastination is like masturbation, it's fun until you realize you're just fucking yourself.

People were against Mother Teresa at first, but she never gave up.

There'll be quite a lot of scenes like this in the next few programs.

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I need to know what you know about this.

You made this all possible.

Did you really love me?

Do you feel like porridge this morning?

They're waiting outside.

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It is not to be denied but that the news was a great shock to her.


No man is a prophet in his own country.

The impression that many German wines are sweet, and don't go well with food, is widespread.

You guys were just incredible.

I think you know exactly what I'm talking about.

She was steaming with anger.

Rakhal continued yelling.

She cherishes a hope that she will be a singer some day.

We held a meeting with a view to discussing the problem.

Who's the person Diane went to visit in Boston?

You should watch your language when you talk to her.

Al thought it was stupid.


No one voted for him.


Clarence is a good player.


I don't understand what I'm studying for anymore.

Why don't you polish the shoes with this cloth?

Read the assembly instructions carefully.

She's not dumber than you.

Jong is laughing at you, Raymond.

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How long have they been there?

I had to lie again.

I do not want to ask for wine.

He raised his heel against me.

"Hey guys, who will be kind enough to take me to the airport?" "I will!"


Everything's going to be all right. Stop crying.


Touch an animal to hear its sound.


As soon as we got to the lake, we started swimming.

Don't listen to Tommy. He doesn't know what he's talking about.

He made a sign to me to keep off the grass.

We must read this book again and again.

What do you say we go to my house?

Moran told Gene he thought it was time to go home.

The suit becomes him well.

The gesture of adolescence, which raves for this or that on one day with the ever-present possibility of damning it as idiocy on the next, is now socialized.

Do you have to go to market, too?

She would often practice the violin on the roof.

I didn't have to do it, but I did.

I don't have time for a vacation this year.

He often used to stay up until late at night.

He teaches mathematics as well as English.

Creative people create, the non-creative plagiarize, all the others - translate.

I am clever, sensitive and imaginative.

We went out.

I wanted out of there.

It's easy for my sister and me to go shopping together, seeing as how we're both "winters."


Come and see us.

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I listened to some CDs last night.

The ceiling is above me.

My memory failed me. I just could not remember his name.

I do not know every one of them.

You can't escape.


The Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world.

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That's a really interesting question.

Though she is poor, she is happy.

Just tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it.

I need to go into town.

While I work, I reflect.

That's what I want from you.

Aldi is a German discount supermarket chain.

Ted and the rest of the robbers rendezvoused at a subway station.

Francois accidentally knocked over the bottle of water.

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I thought I was alone.

I want to be just like Kayvan when I grow up.

Do you think I want to do this?

Whenever she goes shopping, she ends up buying more than she can afford.

They want to speak to you.

I'm just trying to figure out why someone would do such a thing.

Toft deserves to be blamed.


What we know of health we have learned from the study of disease.

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Is there anything special I can do for you?

"I didn't do it!" said Duane, bursting into tears.

Thanks for your interest.

The carpenter brought his tools along.

Please excuse me for coming late.

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Anderson was hit by a car.

They go to church on Sundays.

You can't let them win.


I think you look like him.

She was very fond of walking through the great hall, where hung the portraits of her ancestors.

Andrea bought a dog for him.

He seems sick.

You're better than that.

Pontus tilted her head sideways.

"Why?" "I do not know why."


I want you to tell me what you plan to do.

How are you these days?

Thank you for your hospitality.

Here's a picture of us.

Injustice breeds injustice.

I want to see you tomorrow.

I think we'll be safe here.

Luis looked indignant.

Is anyone else excited about this?

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There is man's best friend!

I want a piece of cake.

Emil had his car tuned up with the help of John, an experienced mechanic.

Our first-period teacher handed back our test papers today.

I'm fairly certain that we're being watched.

Even Mongo was having fun today.

The sky suddenly darkened yesterday afternoon.

Do you really know who Suzan's girlfriend is?

These are select peaches.

That's one of the perks of being the CEO.

Pilar lost his hat.

This morning it cleared up.

I'll ask Daniele to buy tickets for us.

I make it a rule to take a walk early in the morning.

May I introduce myself to you?


What heading does this book come under?

I've got them working on it.

There are more intimate elements.

I want to complain about the service.

My parents met each other in the mountains.

You must love the crust of the earth on which you dwell more than the sweet crust of any bread or cake; you must be able to extract nutriment out of a sand heap.

I've got half an hour.

I wrote this book.

It took us a long time to decide where to eat.

Do it quickly!

If you want to go, I won't stop you.

Many young Japanese travel overseas these days.

We have two children.

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I'll take them home now.


Maybe I'll have to wait.


I'll get you a towel.


By opening my mouth at the wrong time, I'm always putting myself and my pals behind the eight ball.


There is no telling about the weather.

They contended with each other for the prize.

I don't particularly want to be here at all.


I don't believe that she can speak Hebrew.

Bernard might be able to help us tomorrow.

This medicine will relieve your headache.


He lost his balance and fell off the ladder.

What have we gotten into?

Kolkka was an innocent bystander.

Lorraine offered Ramneek a stick of gum.

I'd do the same thing.

In Singapore, one method to punish criminals is to whip or beat them multiple times on their back with a cane.

Stuart was always different from other children.


This is a common misspelling.


She can not go along with you on this point.

That's kind of deep.

I'm sorry, but I don't want to have any part in this.


Kemal asked his mother if he could spend the night at John's house.

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We had fun that night!

Herb allowed me to go.

We are against working on Sundays.

We're on pretty shaky ground as it is.

Where is Customs?


Joon spends most of his time at home.

She divided the cake into six pieces.

Thomas didn't expect anyone to be there.

Be careful of what you say, for he's easily annoyed.

It was heroic of them to oppose the enemy.

How do you know that belongs to Rahul?

I'm sorry I hit you.


I did not say that I wasn't mistaken.