You may find it unusual to dress up the nylon in a vibrant color, because you usually dress up something more classical and the nylon are mostly brown, gray, black or colored. But many fashion brands have noticed the need of young girls for something more adventurous. In Croatia, we can also find branded brands that were launched by creative young people.

Are you wearing long and short pants? You want to wear something new and unusual and spice up your look. Although the temperatures on the thermometer increased, we still had a cool night out there. Is there a better period for wearing colored thin nylon?


But oh, they are so much more. The first socks were made of materials that were then available, mostly animal skins. The Romans were put into this combination in a wool. The 10th century brought a sudden explosion of wearing socks when they were considered a status symbol and only the richest could afford them.

Socks start their way in men’s wardrobes and their popularity is growing rapidly with the invention of the sewing machine at the end of the 16th century. when the speed of production is accelerated up to six times. Soon, women adopted this garment and the sexuality revolution began.


Because of their special features, they are often classified as a group of fashion accessories. Great for everyone, regardless of body structure! It’s up to you to choose your favorite sample. The effect on nylon can make your figure ideal.

A big hit is the nylon that has a “ombre” effect. These are pantyhose that shades of one color go from a lighter shade to darker or vice versa. If you want even more effect, choose “ombre” in different color combinations. Play with the nuances of different motifs such as cartoon characters, halter effect, or those with vests, dots, stars or hearts. Wear on your feet a sample of the universe, favorite city or favorite movie characters. If you want the effect of a sunny and oily body, there is such an effect! Or the one who makes it look like you do not have a nylon.