Fashion trends this period is a complete departure from the usual stereotypes and transition to extraordinary boots that will be unusual and original. Such trends are still unknown to many, but ignoring them is impossible, maybe this will give popularity.

The fall winter season 2018-2019 made for fashionistas incredibly catchy color palette, rov and flower motifs, checkered prints and original textures. All of this is meant to take us away from the gloomy thoughts and fill up with the positive upcoming cool season. Cozy boots with flower decoration warm warmth and provide incredible comfort. Boots with a mirrored printing will provide a gait of lightness and airiness. Models decorated with rhinestones and sequins will help create a festive atmosphere. Curious? Then offer to meet with each trend in more detail. Stylish boots with animal print under the skin of animals Animal print is stable in fashion, offering modern women of the original model with zebra stripes, leopard stains and wallets of reptiles. Particularly fond of designers print snakes and crocodiles. Fall and winter 2018-2019 on trend shoes of natural colors found in natural colors and reptiles, crazy blue, red, green model with texture of snakes and other wild animals. Honestly, I have worked in clothing decoration, floral design moved into shoes and accessories. Autumn winter in 2018-2019 is full of flowers from small to large milfs of lush peonies, roses and corn. These boots look incredibly stylish during the fall grayness, again pick up fresh and happy colors for the summer.


Fashion boots with sequins, rhinestones and other decor: autumn winter 2018-2019 At pragmatic designers, carolers, comfortable styles and fine colors, there are serious competitors. Dolce & Gabbana and Naeem Khan are decorated shoes colored stones, intricate embroidery, sequins big, colorful glitter. Decoration on boots may be present with different intensities, both as individual elements and as the main background. Boots with accents on toe and heel: autumn winter 2018-2019 Designers finally decided to emphasize autumn and winter shoes 2018-2019, and presented boots where he identified two main areas – toe and heel. It is for the decoration of these parts focused on the focus. To achieve the desired effect using different methods. Isabel Marant and Chloe identified the parts needed boots metal décor, Natasha Zinko showed up the model with open heel and toe. Fashion boots fabric: mid-season alternative for autumn 2018 Boots textile is the best idea when leather boots wear early and the shoes are already cold. In the trend models jacquard, tweed and cotton. Choose shoes in a single color or combine them in different patterns and colors in patchwork. Designers recommend wearing such shoes with light autumn dresses, chiffon or pleated skirts.

During the summer we enjoyed in airy nappies and sandals, and our new season brought fashion trends that we barely missed. As the winter approaches us, it is time to take warm clothes and shoes out of the closet. Apart from the balloons, coats and scarves, the absolute rulers and the obligatory addition to the winter season are boots. Besides good clothes, women are extremely important as footwear, because we know how much it can contribute to each combination of clothes. A pair of good quality boots will make each combination of clothes special. Not only are they very practical, they are also heated in the cold winter months, they are easy to maintain and come in many shapes, colors and designs. Boots of all models and shapes were occupied by Croatian stores. Sometimes in the sea of ​​models offered in stores can really be difficult to pick those that will perfectly match your height, weight and body shape. Perfectly combining boots with clothes can sometimes seem like a real challenge. Whether you love ankle boots, boots to or above your knees, low or even the fifth, there are certain rules and elements that you should consider when choosing the perfect boots that will best suit your body shape. We bring suggestions and advice on what kind of boots to choose with regard to body shape, and how to combine them with the best combination.