A walkthrough to the PCB Assembly Process

A PCB assembly is the mounting of electrical components such as integrated circuits (IC), resistors, and capacitors, on the circuit board. PCB manufacturers use either the surface mount technology (SMT) or through-the-hole assembly. Each assembly method has similar procedures and uses almost the same raw materials except on some of the following instances:

PCBOne, through-hole technology requires thicker PCB since we need to drill the boards with holes.

Second, in SMT, we, at PCBnet.com, use surface pads to mount the components.

Third, the electrical components in through-the-hole technology have longer pins since these pins have to go through the holes before soldering.

Fourth, we use SMT if you require double sided PCB. Since electronic components in SMT are mounted on the surface, we can use the other side of the board to mount other electronic components.

Lastly, if you need electronic devices for heavy-duty equipment, we suggest through hole technology because of the stronger binding of the components on the PCB.

In our assembly team, we use both of the technologies, depending on your PCB requirements. What are the processes involved in the assembly stage? Below are the steps that our qualified and highly skilled individuals follow.

Preparing of the Raw Materials

The mounting technology schematic is forwarded to the assembly team. This schematic describes the manner of mounting the components, the stencil printing procedures, the comprehensive description of the electrical components (or the Bill of Materials) and other instructions that are important in the PCB assembly stage.

Printing the Stencil

Stencil printing refers to the squeezing of the solder paste on the board. This process is a critical stage since the stencil determines how much paste are placed on the board. The stencil used should be right because the paste contributes to the setting up of electrical connection on the board. Too much paste may overwhelm the electrical components.

Placing of the Components

During the preparation of the materials, the placing of the components in the machine placement is the second priority. This step follows immediately after paste stenciling to avoid solidifying of the solder paste on the board.


This process is the melting of the solder paste to connect the electronic components to the board. The right temperature is necessary to melt the solder paste. In connection with this step, the solder paste should have a lower melting point than the metals of the board and the components. Otherwise, the outcome may become faulty. In Through-the-hole technology, cutting off the extra pins of the electrical components is necessary.

Inspecting and Testing the PCBs

We inspect and test due to two reasons. One, we inspect and test your PCBs to follow the government quality standards and that our team takes extra measures to meet these standards. Two, we examine your PCBs to ensure that we deliver the highest quality of PCBs. In this stage, we use computers to detect any defects. In some instances, we manually inspect PCBs, especially for the prototypes. When the PCBs do not function accordingly, we send the PCBs to the rework area for repair. The PCBs that pass the testing stage are sent straight to the washing and packaging area.


In PCB assembly that uses washable solder paste, this is an important step to remove the excess solder paste and other accumulated dirt during the process. This washing step involves special chemical solutions to remove unwanted materials on the board.


This process is essential in keeping the service life of the PCB. We use packaging materials that protect your PCBs from shock, moisture and electrical discharges. We make sure that our personnel handles your PCB carefully. For handling purposes of the delivery team, we place instructions on the outer packaging. We know that no matter how good our assembly practices are, external factors may affect the quality of your PCBs.

Manual assembly

PCB assemblyThis stage may or may not happen, depending on three factors. One, if your PCBs do not pass the quality check, we forward the defective items to the repair and rework areas. Two, despite the use of SMT, we may still perform manual assembly on components that are so tiny for the pick-and-place machine to load. Three, manual assembly is practical on demo products.

These steps are general. For the highest quality of our PCB assembly, we may include more thorough inspection methods and other essential steps. We may even perform methods that are unique to our assembly company.

Cremation’s Religious Implications

With more and more people opting to have their loved ones or themselves undergo cremation instead of the traditional burial, questions have been raised regarding the religious implications of this practice.

While it has become almost common practice for people to opt for their bodies to be cremated in death instead of being buried, most of the world’s biggest religious institutions are not really keen on the idea of burning the bodies of believers to ash, regardless if they are in accordance with the person’s will or not. A person may want to be cremated when they die, but their church might not allow such process to take place, since it would be against their beliefs.


The religious implications of the cremating process vary depending on a person’s personal religious view of the practice. When it comes to Buddhism and Hinduism, cremation is a widely accepted practice, and is actually encouraged by religious authorities.

On the other hand, Island and Judaism expressly prohibit anyone from having their bodies or their loved one’s bodies cremated. In Christianity, although there really isn’t a set rule stating the Church’s objection on the practice, it is generally frowned upon. Being cremated is chosen by a lot of Protestants, whereas Catholics prefer a traditional burial.

Hinduism and Buddhism

Both of these religious institutions believe that the body is but a vessel which carries the soul. Therefore, when a person’s soul leaves the body upon death, the body no longer serves a purpose.

Cremation is seen by Buddhists and Hindus as the best way to free a person’s soul from the body, as it essentially destroys the vessel where the soul is contained, thereby making it easy for the soul to transit into the beyond. Loved ones of the deceased traditionally hold funeral rites of passage before and after the body is cremated.

Islam and Judaism

In contrast, these two religions strictly prohibit cremation. The body is maintained as an important Godly creation by Jews and Muslims, and is therefore taken care of well after death. When it comes to Jews, the body is meticulously cleaned and prepared for its burial. The burial occurs within twenty four hours of the person’s death. Family and friends would offer prayers for the dead before it is buried.

The same goes with Islam. The Muslims believe that the body should also be buried within twenty four hours after death. This is in accordance to their interpretation of what Muhammad said in the Quran, where he instructs that the dead must be quickly buried.


The stance of the Roman Catholic Church regarding the religious implications of cremation changed in 1964, therefore allowing Catholics to be cremated at their will. However, before a Catholic can be cremated, they must make sure first that their remains will be buried according to the funeral rites practiced by Catholics.

Being cremated itself is accepted in the Catholic community, but practices such as scattering ashes or keeping the ashes in an urn with the family are still strictly prohibited.

Christian Beliefs

CremationsOther Christian denominations have different opinions on being cremated. There are sects which are okay with the process, while there are others that prohibit it. Those that prohibit people from cremating the remains of their loved ones include the Evangelist and Fundamedalist Christians. On the other hand, Seventh day Adventists and Protestants support it.

Seventh Day Adventists claim that God does not need the physical body of a person for one’s resurrection. Protestants, on the other hand, cite the Bible when explaining their approval of the process, stating that since God created Adam from dust, He also has the power to bring them back from the dead through their ashes.


Nowadays, moveable storage units are commonly used by companies and individuals for industrial and residential purposes. What you know about these items?

Before making any storage container purchase or rental, it is advisable to learn some basics about this essential cargo-transporting unit:

• Remember that you cannot put all things in these moveable storage units. It is strictly prohibited to store certain things such as pets, plants, corrosive materials and flammable items inside the unit. This is to ensure the safety of all other stored items during the transport. Usually, most storage companies have a complete list of materials that we cannot store inside the container so don’t forget to get a copy of that.

• A lot of moveable storage units, like the ones we offer, are made of durable materials such as construction-grade wood, metal, steel or durable plastic.

Movable Container

• Two essential things to consider in purchasing or renting a moveable storage box are its size and all the things that should be stored in it. The size range of a one storage unit falls somewhere between 20 to 45 feet. Its dimensions (height, length and width) may vary depending on purpose.

• Before purchasing or renting such kind of container, it’s important to identify the exact quantity of storage units to be used even if most moving container companies don’t have required minimums in availing their service. This can help them in saving some gas for transporting containers that will not be used. Not to mention, they can also prepare well for our reservations on the required number of units.

• Notify the moving company in advance regarding the exact transfer date and location. Packing and storing items inside items can be very tedious. What more if the actual date of moving arrives? While making sure that all things are ready for transport, we also have the get the availability and rate of the preferred moving company who will pick up all our items. Chances are, they have varied rates for their services in a year depending on a particular season.

Portable Storage containers

• Several storage units have locks to keep our belongings secured and safe from thieves, pests, insects and various whether conditions. If the purchased or rented storage container does not have any lock, then you can buy a personal lock for it.

• Storage space should always be determined when getting the services of moveable container company. After they pick up these units, we have the option to have them stored in our homes and backyards or at the storage center of that company if they have one. In doing this, make sure to decide depending on the need but the bottom line is, going for the best option always saves money and time for both the client and the moving container company.

• Stackable or with wheels? Depending on the location and space needed. We also have to determine if we want to use stackable storage units or the ones that have wheels. Stackable units are ideal for saving more space while the ones with wheels are ideal for frequent re-arranging of storage spaces.

Storage containers

• Try the ones with other features. Today, rapid technology also affects the way storage units are created. It is now possible to store even your sensitive items inside the containers. Our storage containers, for instance, are waterproof, windproof and well-lighted, thereby allowing all the items you store in there to stay protected. You can always choose the type of storage container feature, which is suitable for storing items.

• Know the city rules and regulations. There are certain cities where residents are not allowed to own such kind of containers while some cities prohibit setting up of rented container shop in one’s compound. Before owning one, they may require the residents to process all the necessary permits and papers.

• Comparison of suppliers list. Several companies store this kind of product and service. Make sure to conduct research and consider the customer feedbacks before making a decision. Take note that a good and trusted supplier, like us, always provides high quality service to their customers. This includes offering good quality units, after-sales service and warranty agreements. You can check out our site, /www.moveablecontainer.com. Our site contains everything that you need to know about our products and services, making you a more informed buyer.

Tips And Tricks To Get Golf Equipment At A Low Price

Golf is often perceived by a lot of people as a rich man’s game given just how expensive golf equipment can be. There are plenty of people who want to try the sport, but are just plain scared that trying the game will involve burning a hole through their wallet.

Golf clubs and balls tend to be really expensive because of the production costs and the amount of money the manufacturers invest in research and development. These pieces of equipment may look simple, but a lot of science actually goes into their construction and production.

What most people don’t know is that there are still plenty of ways to get excellent equipment at an affordable price. All a person really needs are a few tips and tricks.

Below are some of the best ways to get golf equipment at a cheap price.
Browsing the internet for discounts

The internet is a massive cave of wonders for those who want to buy their equipment at a low price. Whether its golf balls or golf clubs, people are most likely to find what they’re looking for on the internet. Rockbottomgolf are best way to find out golf balls or golf clubs equipment at a low price.

GolfThe nice thing about buying equipment from the internet is that there are so many online retailers out there. Anyone looking to get them at a cheap price can probably find a website that sells them at a low price. Intense competition and trying to give their customers value that they can’t get from brick and mortar stores is what makes them price their goods so low.

The downside to shopping on the internet is that it will probably take a lot of time. Going through one website after another for cheaply priced golf equipment can get exhausting. At the end of the day though, all that hard work will be definitely worth it.

Buying X-out golf balls

X-out golf balls is a term used to describe balls sold by manufacturers at an extremely discounted price.

Golf ballsX-out balls are basically golf balls that, for one reason or another, failed the quality control test. This is the reason why the manufacturer doesn’t want to sell them with their name on it. The companies then sell them at a lower price marked with an X in order to recuperate the money they’ve spent on the materials and production costs.

These balls aren’t substandard. They’re actually good enough for play. In fact, most people won’t even notice the difference between X-out golf balls and regular golf balls. These balls are excellent choices for those who simply want to spend their time for casual play.

Getting secondhand equipment

Another excellent way to get cheap golf equipment is to get them secondhand. There are a lot of places out there that sell secondhand equipment at a low price. These can range from golf balls to golf clubs.

Some people who like to stay at the top of their game often buy new equipment once new ones come out. They then sell their old equipment to cut back on expenses. These types of people maintain their equipment fairly well, making a purchase of their secondhand equipment a great deal.

Waiting for Black Friday

Golf EquipmentBlack Friday is that time of the year when almost anything from anywhere goes on for sale. This is the season where people start their Christmas shopping. Retailers know this and take advantage of this by selling their products at extremely low prices. The only downside to waiting for Black Friday is that people have to wait for it.

You’ll have to keep these things in mind so that finding affordable golf equipment shouldn’t be that difficult.

The Heart of a Motivational Speaker

What does it take to become a successful motivational speaker?

Many would say that it is experience, one’s know-how and command of a particular topic. After all, who would listen to someone who hasn’t practiced what he’s preaching, right? The best role models are those who are or once were immersed in the field that they discuss. Financial gurus are expected to, at the bare minimum, have their own finances in order.  Social media expert should know the basics of what’s trending online and how to capitalize on it.

It is through a speaker’s experience that he is able to practice theories learned, gain expertise through coping mechanisms to difficult situations and make realizations that are pivotal for his audience. Not only does he earn his credibility—because he does know what he imparts, but he’s also able to build a realistic depth, making his trainings more diverse, fun and life-changing.

Motivational SpeakerStill, some people say that a motivational speaker is defined by his ability to be relatable, how he can make his story and his message, every man’s story. As much as people flock seminars for what he has to say, the audience has to go home and marinate on what he said, ask themselves how this changes their lives. The goal of every good speaker is to make that realization easier but also more memorable for each client, no matter what walk of life he hails from.

More people now appreciate a relatable, if not upbeat speaker, because, not only does he motivate them, he also does it while they’re enjoying. If anyone was made to choose between a funny, energized speaker and a flat, fact-focused one, most are likely to lean towards the former. A speaker and his audience should be matched, and often, because there is not really a science for it, much focus is given to the content rather that how the speaker’s vibe would affect it.It’s important to consider not just the message, which is what the every expert can offer you, but also the process of delivery because that can spell the difference between a highly motivated team versus one which only knows what to do.

what is expertise and reliability if a motivational speaker can’t inspire you to action? Was he truly successful in delivering the message?

The reason why there’s a huge demand for motivational speakers is because companies or individuals have goals, ones which they know would be best achieved through the coaching of experts.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the speaker to make his audience attached to goals and determined to achieve it through his encouragement.What some people often miss when they’re on the search for the best speakers is how much impact it will make on them or the team that the speaker will be in front of. If one is so keen on just the content and not a speaker’s track record of engaging people to do better or be better, then one will end up with a fact-driven speech which people might listen to but won’t remember much afterwards. Imagine ordering dinner only considering that it’s a full meal, but not how it tastes or how different of an experience it gives you. Does the meal encourage you to go back or mood better? It most likely won’t because nothing about it inspires you to do something. Now, that is what delineates a good motivational speaker from other experts.

At the core of all these standards though, experience, relatability and ability to inspire action, is heart.For any successful speaker, loving what he does is the secret ingredient. It makes learning his field and teaching others of it more invigorating. It allows him to be more engaging and relatable, funny even, because when he’s enjoying himself, it’s almost natural to invite people into that joy. Most, importantly, he is able to inspire you to act on your goals the same way he did because he empathized with you and showed you how much passion he has for his job.

That innate, passion and empathy for his audience that heart is a motivational-speaker-success.com key to success – and that’s the reason why those around him will continue to listen.



hcgdietWhen it comes to losing weight, the hardest part is not the initial losses, but rather the management that comes after the fact. Most people don’t realize how hard things can become when you have already lost the initial weight. It’s difficult enough to move through the initial phases, but when you are at your goal, what do you do? Most people don’t think about the things that must be done after the fact, they just think about the journey that leads up to the initial losses. It’s within the larger picture that you are going to want to look into a few things that could end up helping you make gains across the board. That includes looking for supplements like real hcg drops.

Losing The Initial Weight

First and foremost, you are going to find that you need to look into getting into motion. There’s no need to go extreme here, but rather you should look at finding a place that is going to allow you to have fun. Fun is the name of the game when you think about starting any exercise program. If you do not have any fun when you are in the gym, or in a plan that you want to pursue, you’re not going to chase it for a long term solution. Most people don’t realize that solutions require a bit more than just the initial weight loss process. If you are going to lose and then maintain down the line, you have to look into management more than anything else. However, starting along the right lines means that you need to get into an exercise routine.

The Eating Element

Everyone has to eat. No one is exempt from that, and it becomes every so crucial to do so as you look into creating lifestyle choices that reflect that decision making process. It’s crucial to move forward with a good diet, alongside a good exercise program, as it is the one thing that you are going to want to push through in the right direction. If you do not look at this, you are going to end up losing out on the greater good that comes from weight management. Remember, the key to the initial loss is lifestyle change that shocks the body, and the rest is up to you to work on. That’s where a good balanced diet comes into play. If that’s not enough, however, look into real hcg drops, and you may find yourself making gains that others aren’t necessarily making.

The Edge

There is a way to get an edge on all of this, and it’s through supplements. When you look into taking things like real hcg drops, you will find that you will triumph in your journey to lose weight. The process is a matter of focusing on metabolic boosting. The metabolic rate of your body has a great deal to do with the excretions of natural enzymes. This natural enzyme can be boosted through hcg supplements, which can spike the metabolism and burn through the fat cells that you have in your body. Fat deposits in the body can be completely eradicated with simplicity, if you look into finding these drops and using them to your advantage.

The above elements are just a few things that you need to consider as you move forward within the world of weight loss, fitness, and more. Attaching yourself to the way that things can help you build, is the key to moving forward within the right relationship of management, not just weight loss. Anyone can lose weight, but if you want to maintain, you will need to do a lot more than the initial pushes.