Why did you change the subject?

Italo Calvino was born in 1923 in Cuba.

There was broken glass all over the floor.

I would like to think hard about it first.

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I didn't go to the zoo.

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Are you going anywhere?


She's watching me.

Dick passed the photo to me.

Leigh doesn't get much time off.

He bakes bread in a very old oven.

There were figures there from those of an age best called girls and boys to those who looked to be old enough to be about to live out their life span.

You need to reboot your computer.

Will you put on this kimono?

She doesn't have any children, does she?

Aren't you curious about it?

I am a was, a will be, a tired being.

Why don't you show it to us?

She has to take a remedial course in English.

Luckily, the weather turned out fine.


Even though he explained to me over and over again the meaning of this poem, I still don't get it.


Jisheng was the first paramedic on the scene of the accident.

Do you want some company?

Watch out, the man has a gun.

"SOC nine, Danny, SOC nine." "What?" "SOC. Nine." "I don't understand anything!" "SOC. Nine. State of charge nine."

Nicholas didn't dare to look at Jeremy.

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I've been rather busy.


It's easy to see Cyrus is a stranger here.

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You know that's not possible.

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It is aptly said that illness starts from the mind.

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She didn't take many photos.

Travis confused us.

Dwayne doesn't seem to be interested in politics.


What's wrong with the way I did that?

The bellows are not working.

He was awoken by the noise.


There was no need for you to kill Kelvin.


There's no need to get so angry. Keep your temper.


There are five ways to emancipate themselves from the bond of worldly passions.

Elliott told me that he saw that movie.

This river is beautiful.

That was serious.

You may go with him if you choose.

This is your chance, Jennie.

I had never given it much thought.

Dimitry is one of the most handsome men I've ever seen.

Look! There's a cockroach besides the fridge! Do something quick!

There was a big fire in Boston yesterday.

Keep taunting me and see what happens.


What are you really accomplishing?

Keep at it!

Carole would like to know whether you would like to come to his party.

Look what I found on the beach.

Big fucking deal!

The wild horse was finally broken by the patient trainer.

We were disappointed.

Mara might've written to Tahsin already.

Anyone that enjoys animal suffering deserves to die.

The lamp was suspended from the branch of a tree.

Every summer, we go camping.

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She isn't picky.


We'll all soon be drunk.

He asked for a cigarette.

The company decided to hire two new secretaries.

Come visit us again next year.

The Spanish word for "and" is variable.

He went away without saying a word.

I prefer to read.

Ole is the best-looking man I know.

Maybe that's what I need.


Myron is getting bored.


Martyn seems overemotional.

Is it true that Lars was caught stealing from little kids?

George encouraged Ellie to study hard again.

Judith has been seeing a therapist for a month and a half.

Can James see us?


I understand your concerns but I have nothing to do about it.

You said the message came directly from Kirsten.

The philosopher Socrates discussed death with his friends in prison.

He is living outside the city.

Something seems to be missing.

Today, the Ministry of Health announced that it has stopped distribution of and is recalling a medicine for children due to the problem of heart related side effects. The government has taken this into account and has forbidden the importation of this medicine.

Mahesh, I love you.

This is where the believers perform their ablutions.

There's no other way out.

Ariel likes to watch sports on television.

I don't know exactly when I'll be back.

Many were slain.

You both chop wood every day, don't you?


I rode one.


Why can't Go be popular in Turkey when it is so in Japan?


It's a pain in the neck.

Just to watch it made me nervous.

He really likes English.

He is a man of moderate opinions.

You can do it, too.


I wish I'd been able to visit you when I was in Boston.


Are you telling me I can't do this?

You don't want that.

I gained comprehensive knowledge of God after reading the bible.

Finish the song.

I think Tharen might be in Boston right now.


You're a good customer, so I'll do what I can.


I wasn't interested in buying that anyway.

Do you want to try again?

Turn down the TV.

Spock is just trying to help.

Are you listening to him?


Say anything you want to say.


Just my old standby: lemon chicken.

It's his only chance.

I assume this is the problem.

The construction of the dam will undoubtedly have the resulting effect of forcing thousands of families to relocate elsewhere.

He never misses reading the papers every day.

My life is in your hands.

We were told by him to leave the room at once.


There's nothing Terri hates more than lying.

It was clear.

If you see him before I do, tell him I miss him very much.


They can't hear me either.


According to the vice president, the company has yet to receive a contract from a foreign company.

Herman wants to meet you.

After flying above the safe zone, the airplane went into unidentified air space.


They wanted to know on what grounds he wished to quit.

Oskar said that for the laugh.

You have to ask him first.

Many countries take measures in order to protect themselves against anthrax or smallpox better.

Pitawas denied having ever been in Boston.

Kent told me he wanted to go mountain climbing.

I don't work like that.

The cat is sleeping on the table.

Against my advice, he fed his dog some raw pork.

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Give me a report upon arrival.

Have you ever been in a helicopter?

Initially I found it difficult to deal with my new environment.

I'll go and talk to them.

I know Donnie will do that.

Omar certainly didn't intend to tell Antonio the truth.

That man sure knows how to troll.


Somebody has left his bag on the bench.


I hate everything Surya stands for.

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It's a very beautiful sapling.

It's pretty clear.

That's what they did.

Our talk about the sexuality of flies could offend some people.

There was a plate of uneaten food on the table.

We have an obligation to do it.

He went up the steps slowly.

We made Sandra an offer he couldn't refuse.

I wasn't busy yesterday.

I just wanted to make sure you were safe.

I don't want to spoil the ending!

Is your wife a good cook?

I've always been honest with you.


This is a dress of Bucky's own making.

I'm going to my room, so I can study.

I've known Mr Smith for many years.

Yoga comes from India.

She was asked to give him some money.

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Irvin couldn't find anyone to dance with.

Soy milk is a great substitute for milk.

How lucky I am to meet you here!