That's what I'd try to do.

Boy is this tasty!

It has to be ready by the fifteenth.


See you in three weeks.

He narrowly escaped death.

It cost about thirty pesos.

We're not strangers.

Everything was bad.

Do you love each other that much?

Andrea's drowning.

Too many children have died.

My dream is to buy a Lamborghini tractor.


A man of wealth has to pay a lot of income tax.

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I can't meet Jeremy now.

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Tonny knows how to hold the attention of listeners.

I like soups with lots of vegetables.

Muiriel likes to annoy me lately.

We'll stop here for today.

I'm fascinated by cats.


You are used to sleeping in a tent.

Charles is not as young as Ronni.

These happy slaves are the most furious enemies of freedom.

I was wounded by her comments.

I thought you'd already done that.

She needs someone who is able to understand her.

He is French by birth, but he is now a citizen of the USA.


I just don't have what it takes.

Bret speaks French perfectly.

Imagine all the good unpublished books from rejected manuscripts!

I'm already full, thank you.

I'll walk.

I'm sorry I can't help you now. I'm busy.

He's deeply attached to her.


The risotto is delicious.

We shared happy and important moments.

I am writing a thesis about international disputes after World War II.

We have three of them.

Never has he returned since.

Dan speaks in an extremely aggressive manner.

I can take care of her.

I get a kick from diving.

I always think about it.


Use your common sense in that kind of a situation.


I was beginning to worry about you.


It's better to be an optimist and be wrong than to be a pessimist and be right.

Open the gate.

Timothy couldn't bear the noise.


Tell them not to leave without me.


I never would've expected something like this to happen.

Who notified Adlai?

Rainer cares very much.

With his income, he cannot afford the costly dinners.

Grant tried to convince me to do that.


Sanche had a hard time making a living in Boston.


Can Noam really speak French?

He wrote how he wished to be buried.

Marie found the wallet he thought he'd lost after searching the house from top to bottom.


One of the children is studying, but the others are playing.


You got those from a field?

He travels about the world gathering facts about little known countries.

I think it's highly unlikely that Sriram will take Fletcher to the party.

I don't want a present, Dad. I just want you to come home.

Unfortunately, I do not feel well right now. It's not possible for me to go over to your place.

I can't quit now.

I want to join the army.


He ate bread and meat.

What's your favorite boy's name?

I think that's too expensive.

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Sing with us.

Why did Rand want to learn French?

They bottled the wine.

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He was standing behind the door.

The man the police arrested has now been released.

I'll leave right away.


I had a strict curfew at my house.

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Please advise Irfan to tell the truth.

Now is the time.

I must remind Leif to pay his rent.

Shyam and Phil don't want us here.

You are a good cook.

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This is something I made for Mysore.


One of my favourite fairytales when I was a child was the story of a mischievous fox spirit.


Can I give Lorraine a message?


In California, most houses have frames of wood.

No one could hear Linda's screams.

Why don't you correct them?

Will a referendum soon give Corsica back its independence?

We'll leave tomorrow, weather permitting.

I won't keep you any longer than I need to.

It looks like we didn't understand him.

The movie is drawing pretty well.

You are foolish to say such a thing.

Don't do anything hasty.

I don't always get up early.

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I should've listened to Barbra's advice.


She beat me. I had underestimated the power of a woman.

The whole world is watching.

Has anybody left me any message?

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I look down on you!

"He didn't call the entire day, and when he came home late in the evening, he asked me to leave him alone." "How typical of Klaudia."

Fay got dressed quickly.


Will you listen to a piece of music?


Scott ducked behind a car.


I have bought an adorable doll for my granddaughter.

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I remember the event as vividly as if it were just yesterday.

Time is like a river; it does not return to its source.

You're our only hope.

Studies have been conducted on people who habitually consume sugar.

We'll find a solution, I'm sure.

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My father is tall.

Hohn left only a few minutes ago.

They released her.

Debbie is stronger than ever.

With reference to your request, I will support.

Sriram told me to be careful.

Syd knows a girl named Sanjib.

I've decided to forgive you.

We'll meet her there.

I think you have a problem, Hector.

My car is on its last legs.

For a propeller-powered aircraft, the gas that is accelerated, or the working fluid, is the surrounding air that passes through the propeller.

Tell me about your new girlfriend.

He has bought a book written in English in the book store.

There's a nigger in the woodpile.

Why aren't you even moving at all?

There's something I don't get.


Who can tell what will happen to her?

Will you turn on the light?

What do you think I should write?

She almost said "I don't know".

Is it possible to lock the doors of the meeting room?

Do you speak Hungarian?

I'll find the person who did this.

I thought Vadim was a musician.

Rafik was wrong about that.

What should we focus on?

I don't think you want to hear about my problems.

Let's make Valentine's Day chocolate today.

People want a solution.

It was all covered with dust.

Having done my homework, I could finally watch television.

In New York I lost my way.

We can count on him.

I don't drink milk with sugar any more.

I don't want Claudio to find me again.

Elwood has been waiting for me outside.

It's true, isn't it?

He came here to help me.

There is an urgent need for affordable housing.

Do you think she's innocent?

I need to find her.

Raymond hadn't washed dishes in a week, so the sink was full of dirty dishes.

James doesn't know where.

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That woman knows where I live.

Let's shake on it.

He turned his mind to it.

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Eric wants us dead.


I shouldn't have to tell you to keep your room clean.

The lord held absolute power over his subjects.

Narendra stumbled over something on the floor.

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The lemon has a flavor all of its own.