Daren sat down on the park bench and began to read his book.

Jenine seems reluctant to go.

Are you free after school?

You worked for us, didn't you?

The birds were not shy, but let the girls take them in their hands, and stroke their gold and silver feathers.

The patient is in a deep coma.

That is good to me.

It is cloudy today.


I heard the doorbell ring. Go and see who it is.

Would people complain about that?

She has anxiety for your safety.

I like you just the way you are.

The students revolted against authority.

A good horse knows its rider.

He committed five murders.

Everybody needs a hobby.

This guy is a crook.


The girls fainted.

I wrote my first sentence in German.

I only found out about that today.

How was the meeting?

She had no idea what to expect.

The train arrival is to the second!

He has only read 10 pages so far, I've already read 60.

You don't even know me.

You're always tired.

I hope to see you again.

I've got something in my eye.

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That can't be possible.

The flood caused a lot of damage.

It won't be long before our food runs out.

The thief ran fast.

I didn't need to see that.

I don't see a problem doing that.

The bow tie gives him an air of extravagance.


We require much sleep.

Are you worried about Sofia?

I don't like samba.

This is the fastest car in our showroom.

Why would Vijay be different?

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Moran didn't take it with him.

They formed a project to build a new school building.

I didn't know Gregge.

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I joke with Sundaresan all the time.


Whether it's good or not, let's do it anyway.


You may use my car at any time.

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He's cooking.

I know a guy named Smith.

Duane tried his best to ignore Kelly.


Jacob Coxey was ready for the worst.


I have no reason not to do so.

The Green party is protesting loudly against nuclear power.

Pollution is everywhere.

How long are you going to stay?

His manners are not those of a gentleman.

Her name then was Agnes.

In spring days are not always warm.

We want you to sing a song.

We were moved to tears.

The cat ate the mouse.

Michael loves professional wrestling.

Sylvan, when are you due for a vacation?

I'd like to see that ring, please.

We all chipped in to buy our teacher a birthday present.

You have to hurry if you want to go with them.

It's profound ignorance that inspires the dogmatic tone of speaking.

Kieran enjoys movies.

Applicants should be familiar with common office-computer applications.

This really is sad.

Elwood denied the accusation.

I know that he'll call with another price increase.

Petr wouldn't tell Kathleen how old he was.

I'll be waiting out front.

She was a beauty in her day.

Who cares what they think?

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The house closest to here is two miles away.


It occurred to me while I was waiting for Teriann that maybe I shouldn't have invited Sridharan.

Christopher laughed when I told him about what happened.

You are to start as early as possible.

We're going to stay at home today.

Tell me where Lewis's hideout is.

It'll be difficult to do that.

I guess I could go easy on him.

Jurevis was just being polite.

She was kind enough to lend me large sum of money.

I like her all the better for that.

Walt denied those allegations.

Christofer reminds me of my father.

Slighty overweight girls would look cuter if they lost a little weight.


Eli opened the trunk.

The foundation is bedded in concrete.

I'll figure something out.

He came at about four o'clock.

People have already promised money for his project.

Holding hands can express love between two people.

Where are we getting the money?

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Was there a malfunction?


I study English at home.

It's best to let her handle it.

I looked in the direction of the window, but didn't see anything.


He kept the secret to himself.


Carl never calls me anymore.

If a player hit the tree with the ball, it meant that the crops would grow successfully.

It's not a good car, but it's still a car.


Let's go wake them up.

You're always lying- that's why people don't take you seriously. You get what you deserve.

Beauty is beautiful in itself.


That's going to be difficult.

That came in very handy, didn't it?

I'm no bleeding-heart liberal.

How many moons does Jupiter have?

Why bother fixing it?

There are many cute children in the world.

My flower garden was trampled by urchins.

Don't disturb him.

I'm going to use rice for my collage.

Could you keep an eye on him?

The admiral is never satisfied.


That experiment was a failure.

I don't want to die.

Ritalynne pretended he didn't see it.

"Is this your first time in Australia?" "Yes, this is my first time here."

Samir tiptoed through the house when he came home at 4:00 a.m. so as not to wake Barry.


Let me introduce you to Jay.

Have you been up all night?

The results are by no means satisfactory.

I told him which one I like.

"Don't you know I'm going out with Howard?" "I don't care."

I love visiting Boston.

I spend too much time in front of my mirror.

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I'm from Tokyo.

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Tammy didn't use the word "impossible."

Judy got into a fight with Boyce's brother and broke his nose.

I don't think we need permission to do this.

Why is Ian late?

It seems logical.

OK, let's make this quick.

The marvel is that he knew it.

Is friendship more important than love?

My friend doesn't play tennis.

He officially announced himself as a candidate.

We're looking for survivors.


Keep Juergen away from us.

He can not endure already.

Though many books are published, hardly a few of them are of value.


Cherry blossoms last only for a few days, a week at the most.

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You need to listen to him.

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We're hungry.


The price does not include the box.

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I hate the desert.


The dress brings out your eyes.

I want him out of my house.

Do you agree with what Dick wrote in his report?

I watched a great movie recently.

I think Howard knows something.

I hope you win!

Oh my. However much it's just a P.E. class; if you don't face it in real earnest, then when it comes to a real fight it won't do you any good.

Do you have a biro?

Why did you give Ritalynne such a hard time?

Arne knew I'd be there.

The company has decided to employ two new secretaries.

She's not as tall as him.

He said he was suffering from a bad headache.

I don't think you should say any more.

We just arrived at the station.


Kari went completely insane.

They couldn't help us.

My fingers are crossed.