Can you speak Mandarin?

Though he was guilty of the murder of his wife, he got off easy.

How could there be unbroken eggs under a toppled nest?

I don't see why I had to come along.

Don't rely on others.

They did mean that.

They changed their religion.

Connie is very nice.

Ulysses Grant was a hero.

I bought it from Louise.

Comment and let us know!

Have a doughnut.

I have chronic dermatitis.

I think we lost her.

I hear the hubbub of the children in the background.

She has a bias toward Japanese literature.

The car cut to the left.


What did you major in at college?

This rule cannot be applied to you.

Many people in the world still live in poverty.

In Soviet Russia, sentence writes you!

I think I'm going to try again.


You'll never find the way back home, through narrow streets of cobblestone.


If you're on your knees, you should pray.

That would do the trick.

That girl is very attractive.


I'm sure I've never heard of him.


Colin won't do that anymore.


The portrait was taken from the wall.

Don't be such a party pooper.

Marcos was acquitted.


Everyone needs friends.

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I'd like a little more water.

There are not enough oranges.

Why don't you go get him?

Mr. Bush had slightly more votes than Mr. Gore.

I lost my bongos there.


Where did you weave them?


Lukas wrote to me, telling me about his trip.

Please don't tell anyone I was here.

I think you're the only one who believes Ravi.

Kay attended that meeting.

It's all over with poor Dominick.

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You're the one who suggested we eat Chinese food, so don't complain.

Why are you so sure Ravindran is wrong?

We just barely made the train.

You could have drowned.

Don't be impertinent.

He has a hunger for kindness after fame.

He has no more than 1,000 yen.


What did you buy from her?

The same thing happened three years ago in Boston.

Jean-Pierre and Roman had fun together.

She sings very well.

Please call on me when it is convenient for you.


The tunnel caved in because of the earthquake the other day.

Will you keep playing all day long?

We come home with new toothbrushes every time we visit the dentist.

Has something happened between you and Ji?

I don't handle loneliness well.

Victor wasn't able to contact Phil by phone.

There is no such thing as a Belgian, there are only Walloons and Flemish.

What's the world's highest mountain?

Hello again.

Do good for a villain, he'll shit in your hand.

Did Noam do what you asked him to do?


One cannot do lots of things at the same time.

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I'm improving my knowledge of Breton.


It was a lovely experience.

The sole equality on earth is death.

The room was so dark that we had to feel our way to the door.

I had to cancel my trip on account of the strike.

My husband has two older brothers. (That's right, I'm a third-son's wife)


What are you shaking your head for?

Samir and Spock are sitting in the living room talking.

Does that guy look familiar to you?

Let's feel out the situation before we do anything more.

Hate the sin, love the sinner.


By reading books we can walk with the great and the good from every place and every era.

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John shall have a holiday one of these days.

I make no excuses for that.

Stop bothering Syun.


Do you regret the fact that you married me?

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We strive for perfection in our products. In the rare case that there is breakage, staining or the order is incorrect, please contact us within seven days of the product's arrival.

Dory doesn't have to answer those questions.

Who did Diego Maradona train?

The pastor is nourished by the church.

He held her tightly.

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Part doesn't like fishing.


I'm trying to do this.

Throughout the centuries humankind has tracked the sun, the stars, and the universe.

I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

I'm used to eating alone.

He dashed out like a bullet.


Blair kept interrupting me.

Guillermo can understand Swahili.

Take one only.

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Boyce turned down the job offer.

We probably don't want to do that again any time soon.

You look really nice tonight.

Write to Vishal.

I wish I could've helped.

The teacher aroused our interest.

From whom did Jihan know that Nel has a loving relationship with another person?

It wasn't long.

The exact date of Jesus' birth is unknown.

I'll wait another five minutes.

I'm not sure what to do now.


I'd never do that.

That stay at sea gave him new energy.

Many people considered him a niggard.


I came to say hi.

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I was thinking of you actually!

Don't let them see you're afraid.

We had many bitter experiences during the war.


I have been pleased.

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

To leave poor me you have the strength of laws, since why to love I can allege no cause.


Everyone who maintains the ability to discover beauty will never become old.

He took no notice of our warning.

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Rainy season has begun.


The gnarled branches scraped and grasped for me like living hands.

You never turn off the music and the lights before going to bed.


In other aspects, the results of Laowang's health examination were all quite normal; it was just that his blood pressure was a bit high.

Should he hear of your marriage, he will be furious.

He was kind enough to tell me the truth.

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My aunt loves Creole music.


They will hold a meeting at 2 o'clock this afternoon.

Molly and I went to the cinema.

He's racking his brains about how to deal with the matter.

And there is not even enough water.

The elevator was not working and we had to walk up to the fifth floor.

He gives me a phone call every now and then.

Wouldn't it be better for us to go to the movies rather than to a theater?

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I use "Yahoo" to browse the internet.

I am assembling the washing machine.

Saad did it out of the goodness of his heart.

She works for French intelligence.

I think this is good for us.


Benson looked a bit nervous.

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Ethan is motivated, isn't he?

Do you know why Darrell doesn't like me?

It really wasn't that hard.

Bud had a heart tattooed on his arm.

The best defense is a good offense.

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He was flying down the road.


What are you going as?


You're the one who invited them.

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Sanjib isn't smart at all.


I think it's getting warmer.

Algeria is the largest country in North Africa.

Sir was like a brother to me.

Don't let him talk to anyone.

The storm has done no harm.

Hilda has beautiful blue eyes.

It was right where Juri said it would be.