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The speaker paused and then went on talking again.

I'm afraid I have water in my knee joint.

Fucking hell.

She treated her broken leg.

The lavishness of the party amazed everybody.


Rob didn't know what Beckie wanted to do.


She has lost both her parents.

Pratapwant seems to be organized.

The oldest republic in Europe is named San Marino.


The commander gave orders that his men fire at once.

You don't date, do you?

You haven't broken anything, have you?

Catherine has been gone since I woke up.

You are very talented.


They all stood up at the same time.

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He said that he would have called at ten.

Wow, you're really obsessed with Brandi.

Excuse me, but I believe that is my seat.


The newspaper said another war broke out in Africa.

My mother died when I was a kid.

Vivisection is a shame.

I think you both know him.

Venus is unusual because it spins the opposite direction as Earth and most other planets.

Flowers attract bees.

He threw up.

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How many hours do you plan to work next week?

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The adopted child lived a happy life with her new family.

Matthew asked me to pass him the salt and pepper.

She denied knowing anything about their plans.

The singer was killed by wild coyotes.

Please don't force me to go.

I heard you passed the test.

Johnny's camera was just where he'd left it.


Appetite comes with eating, the thirst goes away with drinking.

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This is a topical cream, not a toothpaste, so I hope your gums are free of hemorrhoids.

The price is three hundred, not two.

We'd both really appreciate it.

We all became soldiers.

I just want to be loved.

She teaches us English.

I don't think Real is the one who needs to apologize.

We'd like another bottle of wine.

She has three sisters: one is a nurse and the others are teachers.

Serra Negra do Norte is a town in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte.

What else could Nathaniel do?


The story had a happy ending.

I was lying.

Tell your friends about Tatoeba.


My father's condition seems to improve one moment, but the next moment he sinks again.

He remembers Mr Black's car.

He was away from home.


Ultraviolet light comes from the sun, but it can also bounce off of other surfaces like water, snow, and concrete.

You can't tell a book by its cover.

Do you know how to make lasagna?


Dalton is very generous, isn't he?

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Calvin's hearing is set for October 20th.


Do you want to end up like us?


I appreciate your telling me this face-to-face.


The public became outraged.

Have you ever tasted such a good soup?

Myrick won't be at our party.

They are watching what's happening closely.

His bad face doesn't scare me even a bit.

I not only gave him some advice, I gave him some money.

The bank manager distrusted one of the cashiers.

I'll lend you one if you wish.

Blayne is brilliant.

Suzanne is getting serious.

She heaved a sigh of relief when she heard the good news.

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Duke has been gone almost a week.


The scene is always the same.

Douglas and I haven't talked in years.

I can't retrieve the paper.

She was nearly frozen to death in the snow.

He sent his son out to get the newspaper.


She is getting better by degrees.

I won't interrupt you anymore.

Don't worry. I'll teach you how to drive.

I explained to her what the matter was.

The money disappeared.

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I think you impressed Brenda.

I don't like these remarks.

Where is he running now?

I can't believe those kids talk to their mom that way.

This is not theirs.

As long ago as that?!

"Who's that girl?" "What girl?" "The one who's dancing with Margaret."

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What's not necessary?

You always learn in Tatoeba!

I really love you.

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your party.

I used a screwdriver to turn the screw, but it just didn't want to turn.

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I'm getting dressed.

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Let's not squabble.


This cat is Fletcher's.

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It was very considerate of Mr. Yamada to send his secretary a bouquet of flowers on her birthday.

Pardon, what have you just said?

Lar lived in Boston for 30 years.

Nathaniel took everything from us.

We all know them.

I'm going to the well to get water.

Remember well what you learn at school.


I am familiar with the way he asks questions.

The words were from a very old language.

This manga is pretty popular in China.


The criminals have all been apprehended.

Could you tell me what my options are?

The collards that you gave me yesterday were delicious.

Reservations are suggested.

My uncle gave me an hourglass.

Do you mind if I sit next to you?

I'm not the one who hurt him.

I will wait a week.

Give me a report upon arrival.

If you want it, you can have it.

Too much salt will kill the flavor.

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I can live with that.

I'll see what else I can find out about Glynn.

It's not so cold today.


I could not persuade him of my honesty.

That would be terribly wrong.

Accidents of this kind often occur.

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I'll be fine on my own.

She walked as fast as she could to catch up with him.

He had no place to live.

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Mr Young has no less than six cars.

I don't want you to date her.

Rajiv said he couldn't remember anything.

Dieter never breaks his promises.

Nothing is missing.


However, in America, sports teams are generally chosen by skill, and academic courses by ability.

Tatoeba: Don't cum here on Friday nights, kids.

We'll go after we eat.


There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.

This is not the answer he was expecting.

We're not ready to order yet.

I want to be a nature photographer.

Thad slept like a log all night and most of the next day.

Give me some beer.

Don't make fun of children.

Edgar ran up the hill.

I wonder if you could do that.

Pratapwant is standing on the porch.

I have never met you in person.

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Immediately after it caught fire, the chemical factory blew up.

The Galilean moons are the four moons of Jupiter that were discovered by Galileo Galilei in the 17th century.

I don't want to be in pain.

You are the last person I expected to see here.

I see you every now and then.


Please rinse out your mouth.

I'll call them when I get there.

If you're hungry, eat.


She was the queen of the ball.

The President cannot make clouds to rain and cannot make the corn to grow, he cannot make business good; although when these things occur, political parties do claim some credit for the good things that have happened in this way.

It's not how I want us to be.

Nowadays, a woman who is an auto mechanic is "cool", while a man hairdresser is automatically titled as "gay" by many.

Donne deceived me.

Dan wanted to avenge the death of his wife.

Do you want me to stay with Gregory?

We cannot do those things.

Ginny threw caution to the wind and booked a skydiving lesson.