Does that feel good?

Just kidding.


Louise doesn't know anything about Michiel.

I had my wallet stolen on the bus.

It makes us feel safe.

They look happy today.

I'm your friend. You can tell me anything.

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Don't trust, don't be afraid, don't ask!

The capital city of Albania is called Tirana.

You shouldn't show off your sins.

The situation got out of their control.

The walls stand bare and silent. They do not speak the language of the heart.

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Rainer bends over backwards to make Alex happy.

I'm going to go take a look around.

Everyone looked at them.

It isn't my fault that it happened.

It was so cold that we lost the use of our hands.

I know that you are vegetarians.

You will write a letter.


Television has a great appeal for him.


I wonder where that ship is headed.


My father would never read a tabloid newspaper.

It's a good plan, isn't it?

I told you to leave them alone.


What's Kent hiding from?

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Sit here, you'll feel better.

Some people don't get along.

I thought it would be like a few little steps with skips and turns.

You never tell me that you love me.

It's a co-worker.


To be honest, as this world goes, is to be one man picked out of ten thousand.

He's sweet, fun and talented.

I'd like a glass of water, please.


Why doesn't she think about me anymore?

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There are quite a few hotels by the lake.

Olivier used to be skinny.

We must get rid of this foul garbage right away.

Vance is our teacher.

In case of an emergency, phone me at this number.

When she kissed me, I felt she was honest with me.

Take this medicine three times a day.


Why don't we just leave?


Louiqa handed a cocktail to Guillermo.

Radek is very generous with his friends.

The doctor cauterised the wound.

When eating, the largest plate is always the table.

I'm now sitting at my computer.

Garbage was everywhere.

I didn't expect Joel to help us.

It's terrible.

You're just running away from life's problems.

Come to help me.

Miriam looks just like you.


I'll set out for China next week.


She was able to answer whatever was asked.

Japanese sweets are lower in calories than Western sweets.

Ahmet gave his mother everything he earned.

He is, indeed, a man of his word.

I've been a little distracted.

This is very easy!

Who removed it?

If my films don't show a profit, I know I'm doing something right.

She enjoys soaking herself in a hot bath.

Corey has made himself clear.

Would you mind if I poured myself a cup of coffee?

Andy is good at climbing trees.

I was stupid to make a mistake like that.


I've been summoned here to give your image a face-lifting.

Everyone knows Cory was the one who broke the window.

Cycling groups lobbied for smooth roads to be laid down all over the country.

You didn't tell me Izumi had a sense of humor.

Huey referred to the map.


All I have is my reputation.

I need one more favor.

We dug a hole in the ground.

Are you going to sit with her?

Deborah is in a meeting with Jakob.


I can't call him at home.

I can dance.

Should I let them go?


They are working this weekend.

Do you work on Monday?

Drinking just one glass of wine a day will damage your health, according to a study.

How does he make money?

I told you before that's impossible.

There's somebody who wants to meet you.

I won't answer that.


"Your privacy is very important to us. Therefore, we are eager to explore it thoroughly", said the intelligence officers.

We know each other very well.

That's why I'm smiling.


I can't understand the meaning of this word.


What are you doing this evening?


They looked on him as a great scholar.

Gregg doesn't like city life.

I have a few French books.


The cat ran right in front of the bus and was run over.


Loren took Van back home.

The phone rang again.

Caroline couldn't believe what Toft said had happened.


Duncan didn't look in the mirror.


I made all my family leave home.

There she is!

Did you ever work with them?


What is your opinion on school uniforms?

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That hadn't occurred to me.

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We're dancing.

Outside, the storm was rumbling.

Is it safe to cross this bridge?

Police are trained to use weapons.

What movie did Jennie want to see?

A hundred dollars is nothing.

This molecule has a crystalline structure.

She was hurt to find that nobody took any notice of her.

"Now we're here!" "Enough! I'm going to talk to Ganon! Hey, Ganon! Ganon? ...Ganon!" "Silence! You dare?!" "...GANON!" "What?!" "I have a present for you: a bomb!"


I decided to err on the side of caution and make twenty copies.

Try to keep up with him.

Sofoklis is angry.


He is as thick as two short planks.

Indra is still a bartender, isn't he?

At sunset, the crickets begin to chirp and the fireflies light up the night.


You're observant.

After I had handed in my report to the teacher, I had to start writing another.

Andrew was pretty tired.

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Do you like the city?


As I don't have the software that matches the attachment, I cannot open the file. Please resend it in another format.

The hotels along the beach were evacuated.

He often fails to keep his promise.

He is wealthy in appearance but not in reality.

He was knee-deep in snow.

His complacency won't make him many friends.

Morris stared down at his feet.


Matt doesn't own a house.

She is always scared.

He's 6'3" and I'm 5'10".


The guests should be arriving soon.

I want a computer.

This watch is of great value.


I saw the baby carried out of the burning house.

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Brodie and Peter are playing cards in the next room.


Tell me frankly.


I'm interested in the society page of that newspaper.

How do we know it isn't a trap?

We need to take that risk.

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I might need your help.

I don't speak Arabic.

They think that Mike must have killed Joubert and then killed himself.

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I don't want to do anything.

You're supposed to be helping them right now.

I can't squeeze this orange. It's dry.

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I come from England.


Eva is cleverer than I am.

"What does Phoebus mean?" "It's a Latin word that means sun."

She danced all night long.

He's always gossiping.

His dress betrayed the fact that he was a foreigner.