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They hate horror films.

We are liable for the damage.

You have to get me out of here.

The setting sun is not yellow, but orange.

When I was young, I used to go swimming in a nearby creek.


The pain started last night.

We're none the wiser for it.

I wonder where Joubert learned how to do that.

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This is also ideal as a gift.


I saw somebody kiss Ssi.

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No, it's the only way.

He run on for half an hour.

So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.

Is Tatoeba like Facebook?

Do you let your children drink coffee?

He had plenty of fight left in him.

Why are they still here?


She adorned her dress with flowers.

He faded into the fog like the memory of a ghost long forgotten.

Noemi is no longer studying French.


Valeria wants to help, but obviously can't.


It's not ugly.


Leonard told me he used to be married.

Naren is planning to go be at the party, isn't he?

He who knows several languages gets more from the world.

I had an egg salad sandwich for lunch.

I will send a letter to my brother who lives in Sapporo.

I know the subject well.

Just go to your room.

I need to say goodbye.

He did not die in the collision. Actually, he had a heart attack before crashing.

I didn't hurt her.

I can't imagine my life without Rusty.

I have to prepare the breakfast.

Mehrdad and I'll stick together.


The members wanted Win banned from the club.


Much of the riots' coverage was taken from the cell phones of passersby, saving local news outlets valuable film which they would later use for banal "human" "interest" "stories."


I wasn't able to attend the meeting due to illness.

She's right behind me.

Though Tony is American, he can't speak English.


It's a wildlife sanctuary.

We consider his behavior childish.

They are talking about music.

I'm no good for you.

I heard that Jiri wasn't at school today.

Does he go to school by bus?

You shouldn't demean people who aren't as smart as you are. Remember: no matter how smart you may be, there will always be someone even smarter.

Communications are down.

What did you see at that time?

There are eggs in the carton.

We reached school at eight-thirty.

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He's teaching to the test.

Nicolas unfolded the piece of paper.

We finally agree on something.

The door bolts on the inside.

It's hard for him to solve the problem.

Kirk says that he's still hungry.

He aimed, but missed.

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That dog tries to eat just about anything he lays his eyes on.

Joubert tried to get me to wear a kilt.

It's right under your nose.

He has a daughter who is very beautiful.

You're disrespectful.


Although Portugal eventually won the football tournament, there was no doubt that the Iceland team had acquitted itself well.

What pain are you trying to cover up with alcohol?

Everyone was sitting cross-legged on the floor.

The wind is blowing from the west.

Once, Zhuangzi dreamed he was a butterfly, but when he woke up, he wasn't sure whether he was Zhuangzi who had dreamed being a butterfly or if he was a butterfly now dreaming he was Zhuangzi.


They had three sons.

Raja was offended by what Claire said.

It's the talk of the town.

Try staring at yourself.

I told you what I saw.


I decided to major in French.

How long were you and Avery together?

It's important to laugh.


Has Jeannie become crazy?

That's my call.

Naoto tossed the soda can into the trash.


Can you show me that picture?

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I am interested in chess these days.


When did you two meet?


They're taking us for fools.

Mike asked Ernst if she needed a ride home.

Scott has finally resigned.

Margaret broke his leg.

He did not understand her joke.

The English are a taciturn people.

She loves me and I love her, too.


He is short, but good at basketball.

There's not enough food.

Valentin is lucky he didn't get shot.


That doesn't scare me one bit.

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My shoes are too old. I need some new ones.

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Christian told me his father was a doctor.

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Rauf will come tomorrow.


It really aggravated me.

I've tried it.

Carole fell down two flights of stairs and is now in the hospital.


Lots of people make that mistake.


She lives by the sea, but she doesn't know how to swim.


I'm surprised that you don't know about their marriage.

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Why doesn't anybody help them?

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Nanda's family moved around quite a lot when he was a kid.

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Open your present now.

Urs took a lot of pictures in Boston.

Do you want to see them?

The poem worked on her heart.

What do you think about vegetable tempura?


Michiel became our manager in 2013.


The policeman was off duty.


I last saw him in the car park.

I am deeply ashamed.

If only you knew how much I do to keep this roof over our heads.

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Well, make sure to remember the most important words.

These are tears of joy.

The augmentation of juvenile delinquency is a serious problem.


Every pupil in the class is present.

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Who do you think you are?

I am tired of hearing the same thing so often.

The causes of migraine are still not known.

Do you really think I want to go back there?

Do you want to discuss it?


It's a little annoying.

I'm only here to help them.

Apply to the office for further details.

They needed more.

Have you ever cut a tree with an ax?

He left for no reason whatsoever.

Some owlets are on the endangered species list.


What he said is probably correct.

Since he had left his wallet at home, he asked me if I could lend him 1,000 yen.

She got used to drinking beer.

Lewis is somewhere here on the campus.

Am I supposed to be scared of you?

They started shooting.

This is totally insane.


Cecilia probably knows that Justin likes him.

Why is Sally acting so childish?

They're not going to stop.

Some consider language as a form of knowledge.

Was the Missouri Compromise legal?


This chocolate has a bittersweet taste.

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Was anyone in the room?

It is a shameful fact that, while there are lands where people suffer from hunger, within Japan there are many households and restaurants where much food is thrown away.

Both the brothers are dead.

I think that's enough, Anatoly.

Someone rang the doorbell, it's the maid.


The light bulb was invented by Edison and Joseph Swan at the same time but the name of Swan was forgotten.


Keep looking around.


He drinks too much.