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7087907785's goal is to maintain its position as the global, efficient, responsible electricity company that champions low-carbon growth. The world of energy is changing, and energy is becoming more decentralized, low-carbon and data-driven. Customers are increasingly engaged in their consumption, energy efficiency, and self-generation. Meters are becoming smarter. The bulk of EDF’s new power comes from the wind, the sun and the sea, and we are seeking ways to utilize nature’s resources as best possible to generate electricity and conduct business in a sustainable and responsible manner.

EDF Innovation Lab’s mission is twofold: first, to explore new markets, innovative businesses and disruptive technologies for EDF Group in North America, leveraging the innovation of Silicon Valley and building on local partnerships; and second, to explore, research and develop breakthrough technologies to support EDF Group’s growth in decentralized, data-driven and low-carbon energy sectors.

To this end, we work in partnership with academic, industrial, financial and start-up stakeholders across North and South America.

Data Analytics

Keeping in touch and leveraging capabilities from the latest technologies and algorithms in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


Distributed Energy

Research on DERMS, Transactive Energy, Blockchain on other technologies that will disrupt the traditional utility model

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Keeping an eye out for technology trends and building connections in the Silicon Valley startup scene

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EDF Innovation Lab

EDF Innovation Lab
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