The Gear Bag Staple


Rollercam® Patented Technology has solved the standard cam buckle flaw of being able to tighten the load effectivelt.  We have set the new standard that is 5-10 times greater than the last.  You’ll never go anywhere else after you secure a load with the Rollercam® Cam Buckle US Patent 6877189B2.

Rolling Was The Secret

After hundreds of tests and even more prototypes, we hit frictional pay dirt.  If our design could limit the Frictional Force, it would in turn, dramatically increase the Holding Force.  The brass roller solved that equation.

Quality Where It Matters…Everywhere

5-10x the hold than your competitors doesn’t come from following industry standards.  We build for use in only the toughest conditions.  That’s why we chose a high strength, corrosion resistant Zamak Alloy for the body; and stainless steel for the shafts and springs.

Not A Cut and Paste Job

Countless hours of prototyping couldn’t then be wasted on just choosing your everyday strap.  Believe us when we say it would have been a lot easier, but we don’t do easy, we do things right at Rollercam®.  This mentality led us to utilize a proprietary manufacturing method involving the individual strands of polypropylene when developing the strap.  It resulted in UV inhibitors, a tactile feel, high strength and superior performance.

Down To The Threads

A perk of using the highest quality materials is that you get to brag about them instead of hiding inferior parts.  Such as our threading, which is comprised of a heavy duty T-135 Polyester that will last longer and perform better than the other guys.  While you’re here, just know that we used the 3-Bar Tact pattern over the standard Bar X and X patterns when sewing it all together.  Remember, we aim for superior strength and this is no exception.

Size Always Marked

You open up your bag and then try to guess which strap is the longest, only to find out you grabbed the wrong one when you’re a foot short from strapping down the load.  We know, because we’ve been there.  The Classic and Expedition Rollercam® straps are conveniently marked with the length right on the strap.  No more guessing!

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Classic - rollercam®


The original.  The color that put us on the map and also the color of most maps.  Blue accented with yellow for clear readability.

Expedition - rollercam®



For those going for that black on black look.  Or maybe all your gear is hot pink and wouldn’t go well with blue. Either way we’ve got you covered.