The retired judge used to visit prostitutes regularly.

Don't tell on me.


She was blackmailed by him.

You know Americans are jealous of the British accent that they deem more prestigious.

I only wanted to forget.

Meros is absolutely not a liar.

He is well acquainted with French literature.

I'm calling my lawyer.

The pen is on the desk.


Shall I buy you a ticket for the concert?

It was just a stupid mistake.

I forbid you to speak with anyone about what just happened.

In the first place, no harm will come to us even if we try.

You must think I'm an idiot.

He is known for his eccentric conduct.

I was saved as if by a miracle.

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What was Joyce doing out there?

When I opened the door, I broke the lock.

Do you want to play hide and seek?


Isaac seems to be carrying some kind of weapon.

We're lost, aren't we?

She held him tightly and never wanted to let go.

Are your German books good?

Um... can we join your group?

Your opinion is far different from mine.

Don't worry about it. It's not your problem.


We're leaving Boston.

He kept the window closed.

I hate alarm clocks.

I want to go to Paris.

There you are!

Are you free tomorrow afternoon?

Shai fixed the broken radio.

I like dark chocolate.

Corporate earnings in the first quarter improved sharply.

My parents have made me what I am today.

Pioneer 11 flew past Saturn and its moon Titan in 1979 during which the first close-up images of that planet and its rings were radioed to Earth.

She loved everything about him.

The driver could not distinguish the signal in the fog.


That's what got her killed.

There are only three cookies left.

Revised looks like a tired old man.

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The meeting lasted until 5.

What if she actually knew everything?

I gave an answer to him with great difficulty.

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This data is immaterial to the argument.


Donna didn't want to spend that much for a meal.

I've been invited there, too.

They say it's up to you.

The house was as dark as dark.

However, the moment was not very appropriate.

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Do not think about those kinds of things.


How long should I rest?


Barrett seemed to take the matter seriously.

Renu is allergic to monosodium glutamate.

He erred on the side of severity.

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He avoids keeping company with those ladies.

They all looked up.

Life without perception is quite possible from a human perspective but boring.

You seem to be a busy guy.

Now that you mention it, what happened to that man who used to work here?

I'm solving a puzzle.

Finish off your plate before going out.

I want to help you with your homework.

This is the very thing that you need.

Why did you open that door?

Ken has no more than ten books.

Olivier motioned up the street.

The governor supports the bill.

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I asked Mother to wake me up at four.


It has been ten years since I left Japan.

It's dangerous to text while crossing the road.

Tolerant had a drink in his hand.

She chose the most spirited horse in the stable.

Dale, you're not funny.

I want to see exactly what's happening.

I had my watch stolen.


She's hardly been here but I don't know where she is now.

Ken lit the candles.

This boy and this girl are very clean.

Dion cleans his room every Monday.

Does she have a hobby?

Joachim just wanted to be happy.

I think I might be able to speak French better than Neville.

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I think Kusum was in some kind of danger.

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You owe him an apology.

You shouldn't have come here to begin with.

I didn't want to look stupid.

It was too much for him.

Who is that person over there?


Jesper used to hang out with us.

These things only happen in Boston.

How many flowers did you buy?

Why are you with me?

Patricia asked me to speak to you.


Jim sometimes has disagreements with his wife.

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You lack imagination.

They have three double rooms left.

"What do his parents do?" "I have no idea."

Train services have been disrupted by the bad weather.

What if I get caught?

Dorothy and Timothy had a shotgun wedding.

I went to bed a little later than usual.


She thought that her daughter was possessed.

Do you really like the way Laura does that?

I thought I was about to be captured so I ran as fast as I could.

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What has he gotten you to believe this time?

Should you really be doing that here?

It can't be that.

I finally got hold of that book I wanted.

Just tell them I'm a consultant.

Carry out my orders!

I will attest that I did not hear that.


Mother Teresa was given the Nobel prize.

Who would want to hire me?

He said to her under his breath, "I love you."

I didn't know Alex was fat.

We'll share our food with them.

I'd be worried if I were you.

Every object tells a story.

His family adored him and in a sense he was spoiled by them.

We think it is very dangerous that you're climbing the mountain alone.

Markku stepped on the train.

They were sick.

Claude dodged Micah's surprise kiss.

Language reflects the history, customs, and soul of the people that speak it.

Stop messing around.

There are lots and lots of people who speak Spanish, but not as many who speak Esperanto.

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I don't think Liz is allergic to peanuts.

I think you know I like you just the way you are.

Julian has long blond hair.

All you have to do is push this button.

You're a funny young lady.

That boy speaking English is taller than I am.

Eddy left on his own.


This book was first published in the previous year.

I won't pay for her.

Their blood will be distributed to many people.


And when you talk to me, take off your hat.

This laptop is thin and light.

I'm not in a position to give you advice.

I like to learn Chinese and English.

Right now my father is not at home.

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Finally she's here.


Give them something to eat.


His customers dropped off after the new supermarket opened for business.


Roland helped us push the car.

You probably think this song is a little too slow.

This is just my opinion.

I'm good at this.

As for today, I went out with my friends.

She doesn't seem to like me.

Erwin doesn't want to answer Vivek's message.

I think what you just told me was a lie.

If I were in your position, I wouldn't do that.

Miki didn't want to live any longer.

Please tell me how to get to ___.

Years ago, she used to hang around with a bunch of bikers.

In 1939, as in 1914, the world was on the brink of war.

A rock stuck out from the bank into the river.

Teruyuki was at my office today.

You've taken all the fun out of it.

I answered for him.

He is a student at Harvard.

To prevent the disease from spreading quickly was not an easy task.

They're bad.

She likes to dress out of fashion.

He never forgot her.

I'll go there at 10.