TalkAboutIT – Ready-to-Fire Text Analytics Solution

Your Customers talk about it, they care about it…You should know about it and Do something about it…


TalkAboutIT is a ready-to-fire text analytics solution. We make it work for you.

Business insights

TalkAboutIT will fetch you real-time business insights from large volumes of text.


TalkAboutIT covers more than 15 different languages – English, Spanish, German, French, Mandarin, Arabic, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, etc.

Easy to get started

You are in uncharted waters when it comes to text analytics, linguistics or IT? No need to have any knowledge, we will guide you through this journey.

Great technology at your fingertips

Scientific Precision

AI, Machine Learning, Boolean rules and tailored sentiment models bring about text analytics precision specific to your industry

Scientific Precision
Unparalleled Service

We are a team of customer experience professionals, data scientists, IT and linguistic experts. We will lead you confidently on your journey to understanding what customers care about.

Unparalleled Service
Smart Deployment & Integration

You want to have TalkAboutIT in your own or controlled physical location or you want to own it and have it delivered and managed on the cloud (SaaS)? You want it stand-alone or integrated with your existing systems? It’s your call!

Smart Deployment & Integration
All major languages, all industries, all channels, all customers

TalkAboutIT analyses customer feedback in all major languages and all industries. We achieve that by setting up the tool for you, taking into account the geographic and language specifics, the industry and customer context, as well as how the feedback was collected.

All major languages, all industries, all channels, all customers

Leverage feedback, tap into streams of insights
and gauge the latest trends!

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