I was stuck in confinement for thirty days until I decided to pay a bribe.

In capitalism, a citizen is not obligated to shop.


I pretended that I was working.

Who told you you could come?

I thought I could trust him.

Mr Sato called at eleven.

Can you help me to translate these sentences into Chinese?

I still need to finish my homework.

I can't imagine why Jock would do something like that.


He denied it immediately.

Colm is the person I thought I saw.

I'm on my way back to Boston.

We have serious problems.

Marek went on a fishing trip.

I'm too old for him.

Before long he came into the room.

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Surely the most honorable of you with Allah is the most righteous of you.

Tell me why you were absent from school yesterday.

She's a junior employee.

I will.

Whenever I see you I think of your mother.

There's more than one way to skin a cat.

Please stop living in ignorance.

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They must be educated enough so that they will make a wise choice.

Christina likes skiing, too.

I was just about to take a bath.

Which do you like better, summer or winter?

An apple was sitting on the bench.

The question is how he will get the money.

Were I you, I would apply for the job.

There's a lot to be told.

Have you eaten yet?

So what'll happen now?

It's a tough situation.

Be sure to take this medicine before going to bed.

Anderson began to look for a job three months before he graduated from college.

Pierre told Norman that he couldn't allow her to do that.

Rodney was relieved to hear that.

He pretended that he was a lawyer.

I'm in the middle of a meeting.

I'm allergic to synthetic rubber.

Dwayne blushed when he saw Susumu naked.


I like watching Code Lyoko.


A healthy child can no more sit still than a puppy can.

Come in and sit down.

I'm wearing some foundation, a bit of blush and some eyeliner.

That girl playing the piano is my little sister.

Lori wanted to know why Sridhar couldn't go.

Mr Joel is now on duty.

Sridharan wasn't paying attention.


I hadn't planned to tell you.

Why did you say that?

You decide.

He promised to do his best as president.

I should take this.

Shall you be going to the meeting on Saturday?

These meetings are infinite and fruitless.

It is necessary to fight AIDS with whatever weapons are at hand.

Kieran doesn't trust them.


Becky has fallen overboard.

This is me eating a banana.

It's too painful.

Sanjay went skiing.

How did you accomplish all this?

You've got to fix it.

They only care about themselves.

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I don't like sewing because I can't thread the needle.


The boy that you met at the park is adopted.

Jitendra never gets into argument without losing his temper.

I fought against the exploitation of Brazil.


What else do you want?

They'll like that.

Get this stuff out of here.

What Sue said made sense.

Do I have to fix up to go to their house?

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He is engaged upon a new novel.

In fact history does not belong to us but rather we to it. Long before we understand ourselves through the process of self-examination, we understand ourselves in a self-evident way in the family, society, and state in which we live.

Emma wanted to know what Nikolai did during her summer vacation.


Who's in charge around here?

The cistern is empty.

Stop being so silly!

Next year she will be 17.

The car has a new engine.


This cellular phone is really expensive.

Herman must really like me.

Thanks for coming, guys! I'll see you next week!

I never had to worry about Melinda.

I complained to him face to face.

The milk has gone bad.

Shatter has to do this.

He comes from France.

This land is my property.

I'll notify him.

Today the weather was really changeable. The rain kept on stopping and starting all day long.

I'd better tell him.

John's parents seemed relieved to hear that his plane was on time.

Just a moment, I will come right away.

I'll try as hard as I can.

It might be a good idea to get some sleep.

They married in Boston.

Fill up this pail with water.

It's because he lived in the United States for five years.


I was your age when I came to Boston.


Were I to die, who would look after my children?

That must be the Mackintosh boy.

Luc is going to meet me back at my house.

How difficult a thing it is, to love, and to be wise, and both at once.

Val's so unfit he couldn't run out of sight on a dark night.

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The response is affirmative.

This is my first confession and I have every reason to be nervous.

Peter is English. Is Susan English, too?

Come close, young heroes!

It's nothing I can't handle.


The Marines quickly defeated the communist forces.

He kept silent during the meal.

Let's see if we can find out what the matter is.

The seal kept its balance well on the large ball.

We've waited too long.

You must let me know when you come here next time.

All of a sudden, he proposed to me.


A severed penis constitutes a solid piece of evidence for rape.

It is forbidden to make the dogs pee.

Pim enjoyed playing baseball with his friends.

I want to learn Romanian.

I know you're skeptical.

This shrine is sacred to Jupiter.

She has finally achieved her end.

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Thus Do They All.

They don't make them like that anymore.



Is there a good time to chat?

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Give Avery something to drink.

Karl is a mischievous boy.

He is a very good batter.


Is there anything you don't do?

It's difficult to live in this city.

We were trying to protect him.


They felt their candidate would win in 1860.

She went into teaching.

You can't easily put photos on an iPad from more than one computer. However, you can email photos to yourself from various computers and download these photos to your iPad.

I studied Chinese at the University of Venice.

I burned the newspaper.

I want nothing from you.

I've got a bad hangover.

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I still don't know what to do.

What more can Romain do?

There are a lot of new buildings here now.

I don't know whether she will come.

I was in prison for three years.

He speaks four languages.

Jesus stopped playing the piano as soon as we walked into the room.

I've got a feeling.

My mother bakes bread every morning.

I waited for her for a long time.

The car's engine broke down on the way.

They had a pillow fight.

Doesn't Philip have any friends?

She became very anxious about her son's health.

Who makes breakfast for Herman?


Rod grew up in foster care.

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What happened to all that money?

He married his high school sweetheart.

Irving went on a date with Owen.

I'm not having lunch with her.

He amused the children with the story.

We were bogged down in a morass of paperwork.

She doesn't need to go there herself.

It didn't happen all at once.

My toe started bleeding.

What if I am a Native American?

Who is Kuldip's girlfriend?

Let's wait here till he comes back.

My husband got the hots for a Canadian and is threatening me with divorce.