They built the walls of the fortress without using cement at all.

It's been a while since I had a good chat.


Ernst rejected the idea.

These are perfect.

Do you see the girl's mum?

Jeanne won't talk to me.

Should I tell her to call you?

Betty speaks Esperanto really well.

You do not know exactly where you were born.

Dave walked down the dark hallway.

I definitely want to get acquainted with Stan. I think she is very likeable.

History is my major.

It wasn't much of a view.

Rolfe really sounds angry.

It appears my mail on January 10 did not reach you.

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I only hope Perry succeeds.

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Gale and Leif made eye contact.

The judge banged his gavel again.

Anna invited me to come along.

He is not so old as my brother.

I've been saving these.

Rik filled his glass and then filled one for Terrance.

It's time to get around to getting up and go to buy a drink.

What beautiful flowers!

I can't recollect how to do it.

I would like to have this camera.

Richard and Major often go out for dinner together on Fridays.


It's fun to speak in English.

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Is that a friend of yours?

Step in here, please.

She's the closest thing to family he has.

I ran past them.

They were troubled deeply by the changes they saw.

We're in Formigine.

King asked me three questions.

Don't drop that glass.

These clothes suit young people well.

Reagan asked for military aid for the Contras.

I am taking a holiday at the beach.

Although arctic and antarctic ice are melting rapidly and sea levels are already rising, elected lawmakers who deny the very existence of climate change currently chair the respective science committees of both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate.

He is not going to survive for more than a day.

Everyone expresses his opinion.

We have made numerous improvements to our house since we bought it.

Shadow says you need my help.

Without your advice, I would have been robbed of my bag.

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We bought a pound of tea.

That's how Gill makes his living.

We can at least try.

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Dozens of people have died in flash floods triggered by torrential rain.

Donald isn't related to me.

Juri is a forest ranger.

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This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.

Who should we give it to?

I want that report on my desk in one hour.

I don't like being judged.

Who wrote this tale?


The room was lit by candles.

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They are substituting word processors for typewriters.

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I haven't read today's newspaper yet.

Clare gave Olson half of the apple.

The whole world understands my language.

The shop on the corner sells cheap sunglasses.

Triantaphyllos has been awake for three hours already.

I am going to church now.

It was just a hookup.

Who is the girl singing on the stage?

Many had spent years in British factories.

That will make for bad feelings.

How many cities are in Montana ?

Regular exercise is beneficial to good health.

He'll never beat me.

He made his way to the minister.

Danielle acted like he didn't know me.


He beat on a drunken man with his stick.

Rie Kawada will do my job while I'm gone.

I love this spot.

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Knute decided to submit his resignation.


I had nobody to ask for advice.


I am very grateful to you for your advice.

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Do you guys feel like staying home alone?

Many of Brandi's clients are millionaires.

We had a few glasses of sangria.

I want to do everything I'm supposed to do.

I work out.

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Angus isn't a good person.

Tiefenthal came to France with the intention of studying French.

Turn off the lamp. I won't be able to sleep.

Bill died a disappointed man.

When we arrived at the stadium, the game had already started.


We should have gotten married.

"Are you friends with List?" "Yes, he's my roommate."

I'm sorry I disappointed you.

I knew them personally.

There used to be a bridge between two river banks.


What is on Channel 10?

He is gross, man!

I'll give you this money.

Let's get together tomorrow.

I don't want him to touch me.


Roy looks happy when his girlfriend calls him.

How much is this umbrella?

What's that letter about?

Don't believe a single word of it.

This job will take twice as long as I expected.


Do you really think Lloyd is handsome?

It's not as easy to obey as it is to command.

Have you sold it yet?

We have no school tomorrow.

Close it.

It is night when a man crawls along the sidewalk near a traffic light. "Have you lost something by chance?" a passerby asked him. "Yes, a button from a shirt." "Are you sure you've lost it right here?" "No, a little further back. But here there's more light to help me find it."

Tad is swimming laps.

Marcel wanted Pradeep to bring him a cup of coffee.

I wonder if she might not have become unable to move because of an illness.


Don't talk about us.

Claude always seems to be smiling.

We were never ashamed of you.

We can only teach.

I'm not in the least afraid of it.


We can't just sit here without doing anything.

Dory sat on the bench with Dewey.

I don't dream.

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Pontus promised to let me know how things turned out.


I believe you are honest.

Though she wanted to travel abroad by herself, she decided not to.

Shadow is going to fit right in.

Your sex life probably won't change dramatically.

It's very hot today, isn't it?


I'll have to work harder on my Japanese studies.


We need authorization.


Do you want me to be happy?

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The lecture was very long, but I enjoyed it none the less.

We must try our best lest we should lose the next game.

Kathryn hit the ball so hard he split the bat.

He tried his best, but in the end he was defeated.

I never want to see Elliot again.

We have some local wine.

I'm going home next week.


Jinny was very sorry for what he had done.

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I need you to bring me something.

He climbed to the very top of the mountain.

You need to improve your kissing technique.

The shark, being very old and suffering from asthma and heart trouble, was obliged to sleep with his mouth open.

It wasn't my fault.

He didn't know what to say, so he remained silent.

It could be anybody.


That would lead to the production of more carbon dioxide, the main gas responsible for global warming.

I approve your project.

You made it look easy.

She has yet to answer any of the questions.

Where are you going to sleep?

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That's no way to behave.

Sangho already knew that, didn't he?

Cathryn is already there.

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I don't have a cellphone.

His name is known to everybody in this country.

Did you have plans?

He kept reading a book.

Barbara is angry and embarrassed.

When he had no money, he couldn't buy any bread.

I could never hate you.


Don't forget to tip the waiter.

Grammar and usage are the sine qua non of language teaching and learning.

Lana is getting to be an old man.

If they could eat every night in a restaurant, they would. They hate cooking.

We will play soccer after school.