Vistlik's family has been notified.

You seem to know everything about this.

He was absorbed in deep thought.

I'm just following the blueprints.

I'm on my way to pick her up.

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Anton never did love me.


Do you like to play computer games?

My uncle has a glass eye and a wooden leg.

I will not tolerate such subordination.

There's a cat in the back alley.

Put the meat on the scales.

Angela was too busy worrying about Joon to worry about himself.

I am reading a book.


The temperature in Uranus' upper atmosphere is so cold that the methane condenses and forms a thin cloud layer which gives the planet its blue-green appearance.

What is the distance from here to the station?

We'll make camp near the lake.

Christofer won't let anyone else come near the barbecue.

I'd like some privacy.

How can I invest myself in this project?

Amy asked Deb many questions about life in Boston.

They're both good.

How long has it been since you slept?


My father's a doctor.


It is rainy

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I'm making popcorn.

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I want some information.

She gave it to me.

Jun collects anything that's connected with squirrels.


It is doubtful whether this method will work.

I need every advantage I can get.

"I'm going to sleep in 10 minutes." "You said that 10 minutes ago!"

What can I do with this?

She's watching the Olympics.


I'll meet them in Boston.

I don't have your boots.

We've got to rescue him.

I am putting my cigarette off.

Donald and John had an argument about Hohn that ended in a punch-up.

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I felt naked.

The horses eat grass.

I asked Piotr not to tell my parents what had happened.


I look for all the world like an athlete in this outfit, but the truth is I don't do any sports at all.

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Patrick is a brave man.


Does Siegurd always talk this much?


You didn't tell me Victoria was going to Boston with us.

Wash your face with warm water and soap.

Is it something you can get rid of?


I remember the day I met him.

Do you want a drink?

Don't go picking the flowers in the flower bed, or else you'll be caught.

I'm busy today.

No, no. I mean to say that it has originality.

At first he was all at sea in his new job.

I know I saw something move.

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The car accident took place just in front of me.

Everything I've told you should be kept secret.

Would you rather visit Boston or Chicago?


You look just like your mother.

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Manuel tried to talk Celia into driving all night.

We get swamped with violent images.

Since when have there been fireworks?

I left out two sentences.

I had my camera stolen.

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Teriann was attracted to Bobby.


The company is promoting a new car on TV.

What was the boy called?

Jeany'll be in Boston next weekend.


Keith isn't allowed to leave the country.

What floor am I on?

Earle started to descend the stairs.

Could you bring me some water?

We hurried in the direction of the fire.

She was shivering with cold.

Marla was not very good in school.


It is reported in the local news.

I hope it's not him.

Next time I come, I'll bring you some flowers.


I'll give it to you.

This is a picture of Beckie's family.

You can save your life and your family lives by always preparing for earthquakes.

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Woody has a strong personality.

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I'm sure I can find them.

I live within spitting distance of the underground station.

Eventually I'd like to settle down and have a family, but not yet.


They didn't offer me anything to drink.

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Stephe hit a dog yesterday.

Start reading on line thirteen.

I ate a chicken panini.


It's forbidden.

Rafik does look a lot like his father.

I'm not your angel anymore.

Why don't I stay with Peggy?

The first drawbacks concern the changing rooms and the gym equipment.

See you tonight.

Everyone's been complaining about the snow.


I'm not the one you should be talking to.

The twenty-first century begins in 2001.

The whole neighborhood mourned his death.

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He has only six months to live.

She did warn Alexander.

I thought it was the perfect time to leave.


It's such a waste.


We're going to travel to Estonia next month.

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It's my duty to talk to you.


Shew me thy face, let thy voice sound in my ears: for thy voice is sweet, and thy face comely.

He brought his dog to school.

I suggested that we bring the meeting to an end.


They were cousins.

Kyung came here this morning to give you this.

Can you let me pass?

Nobody knows as many stories as the god of sleep.

Can you drive a manual transmission?


Somebody poisoned me.

I wouldn't take a glass of water in the desert from you.

The amount of money we collected was insignificant.

It wasn't funny at all.

I have a feeling you're going to like this.

He likes to go to the beach sometimes

The teacher was speaking about the virtue of the Romans.


That's not what I had intended to say.

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He'll always come through.


A grand jury found him not guilty of any crime.

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In India, there are lots of rural areas around big towns.

Whatever you did was by you done.

Shankar isn't a speech therapist.


I'll always love you.

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Why is this happening again?

My dress is ruined!

I haven't had a drink in months.

I love my mother very much.

Rafael wondered what his life would have been like if he had married Werner.

This is a drink I don't particularly care for.

The pen always beats the sword.

If anyone is to blame, it's you.

I should have written this letter yesterday.

Have you read any interesting books lately?

You used to live in Boston, didn't you?

They've increased the salaries.

I think she checked me out.

We're unhappy.

He is writing a book.


We can stay here if you want.

There is little chance of success.

When would you have time to come over and help me move my piano?

I've brought you something.

She became reconciled with her friend.

Ann and Rees went to the jewelry store together.

He has a rock solid alibi.

Not all of these decisions are welcome by all.

Nevertheless, the topic is worth discussing.

I wish I could go to the party with you.

I used much money for the repair of a clock.


It was 30% off during the sale.


I don't want Claude to find me again.