Get your dream home designdone exceptionally

Confused with complex design ideas? Creating your own custom home doesn't need to be hard. Take a break. With years of experience and a taste for client satisfaction, let me walk you through one of the finest ways to conceptualize and make your new home a reality.

Create your concepts and visualize it in real time

Creating a concept at moments can leave you wondering what your design input is going to look like. With VR technology
I can walk you through all suggested design concepts and ideas helping you choose exactly what is right. Take the guess work out of the equation.

With more than 4 years of experience in 3D Architectural Design

“Philosophy and art both render the invisible visible by imagination.” - Geogre Henry Lewes
Design ideas and concepts can be intimidating to an untrained eye but with spectacular advances in technology like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning running simulations, renderings, cloud calculations e.t.c is now more accessible than ever before. The range of opportunity is massive, all it takes is a little curiosity.

Competition over the years has created spectacular advancements in architecture across the globe. Africa with all it's potential is beginning to set records in the architectural design sector with participants in competitions like eVolo's Skyscraper Competition submitting revolutionary ideas for sustainable architecture.

Daring Creativitysets the bar

Setting and breaking your own personal record for many, can prove to be too challenging. As a 3D design specialist, setting a new record and breaking that record to make advancements and stay relevant quickly becomes the norm.

What I do

3D Design

With years of experience in Autodesk's 3D Studio Max, general 3D design modelling & texturing remains to be the heaviest tool in my creator arsenal.

Architectural Design

My passion for building architecture was inspired by my experience as a 3D artist. CAD softwares like AutoCad & Rhino quickly became part of my arsenal and designing buildings for great developers became the highlight of my career.

Game Development

The recent advances in game engines like Amazon's Lumberyard inspired me to look into game dev. This came rather naturally with my experience as a 3D artist.

Using computational data to create designs

Problem solving and idea innovation has been simplified significantly using computational data. Working with softwares like Autodesk's 3-D Studio Max and Amazon's Lumberyard allows Alexander to create the most unique designs each time using abundant data acquired from simulations and conceptual theories.

Inspired by ideas?

I'm always open for a good discussion

Software Skillset