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What is that?

Mining24.cc is a cloud-mining company, which gives an opportunity for any person to earn money by mining crypto-currency.

Mining24.cc is built on the principle of an intuitive interface and the most useful functions. This makes it possible to quickly start working with our platform and begin earning the next day after the deposit.

Mining24.cc is in awe of its partners, therefore we created good conditions for generating income not only from mining, but also from attracted referrals, at the moment it is 10% of the deposit amount of each partner you attract. All that funds go to your DOGE account on Mining24.cc.

We are glad to welcome you on our cloud mining platform, we wish big and stable incomes together with Mining24.cc!

per day (the deposit is included in payments)
minimal contract (duration of the contract - 360 days)
from invited
as a gift

Guarantees and advantages

The Mining24.cc cloud mining platform guarantees you a stable income of 2% per day, in any cryptocurrency you mine. A special affiliate program will allow you to earn 10% of the amount of your referrals' contribution into DOGE!

The main goal of guaranteed minimum income is to attract new users. If more users come, the amount for commission and maintenance will be less, the system becomes a universal basic income.

Investment packages are contracts for the rental of equipment that were purchased as investments. This contrasts with investment packages that are purchased by a broker-dealer or other financial intermediary for resale or short-term speculation.


Income guarantee

More users means less commissions and more income

Investment security

We provide high-level security for rented equipment

Responsible team

Our team consists of experienced investment-miners in BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC

Instant payouts

We give you the opportunity to withdraw in 24 hours after the request

Count your money

Choose your investment amount, USD
Select investment period, months