He stayed at his aunt's house.

It is said that Mr Jones is a good teacher.

Let's get some more information first.

What were Milo and Scot doing at the hospital?

What was her reaction to the news?

Friends today, enemies tomorrow.


The party of pilgrims started for Shikoku.


I didn't do anything for him.


How come these apples are wormy although they've been sprayed?

I told Stephanie to never see my sister again.

Vijay had no intention of going to the dance with Gary.

I'm tired because I worked too much.

Did you keep her picture because you still love her?


Mayo invited Nathan to spend the night with him.


What's your goal here?

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The handwritten text is illegible.

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How could Judith do that?


I want him to have this.


Amos and Jane are friends with John.

Actually, I'm not suggesting anything.

Peter is a famous pop star.

Cliff is extraordinarily pretty.

Sounds like a pretty good idea, after all.


I'm not as good a guitarist as I thought.

Sue saw Lindsay across the room and went over to talk to her.

Clare isn't under contract.

She doesn't sleep anymore.

Your kind words are a source of strength for me at this difficult time.

Does anybody really care?

Michiel doesn't need to cancel his vacation.

You suspect Phill, don't you?

It's not done yet.

A wine bar just opened in the area. Let's try it.

Phillip feels much better now.

The result of the examination fell short of our expectations.

Sidney will be back in Boston tomorrow night.

I think he should stay away from drugs of any sort.

Jong married into money.

Teriann has been wonderful.

She has a gold credit card.


I'll take this to them.


A disproven principle. If A = B and B = C, then C = A. Is this true? Maybe. On Tatoeba C can be different from A.

He has gotten fat.

I forgave Jong.


I met him there.

A group of boys were coming up to me.

You may as well tell me the truth.

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Reinhard became a sailor.


I've got to go now.

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You must be very proud of your daughter.

Marc is a pretty good tennis player.

Just don't laugh.


The past is the past. There's nothing you can do about it.

Don't call me again.

What's taking you so long?

I doubt if Bob will come to my birthday party.

Give me the keys to your car.


Cindie gave Rajesh all the money that he had in his pocket.


Ahmed's sister paved the way for him to become a lawyer.

It was not until Lucy left me that I realized how much I loved her.

I know that it's difficult.

Is there a bank around here?

Either he or I have to attend the convention.


We have to respect each other.


I was worried sick about him.

I need Matthias to sign this.

We want to have a word with Karl.

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We're planning to tear down our house.


I don't like your behavior.

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I was hoping you could give me a hand.


She'd just begun to read the book when someone knocked on the door.


Let's have some coffee during recess.


Your prediction finally came true.

Call me.

People feel most at ease when they are at home.

I suggest you do your job and let me do mine.

Chet turned and walked out of the room.

It was never our intention to overcharge you.

She has writing talent.

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It didn't use to be like this.

I didn't tell anyone about it.

Everything seemed to be OK.

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Rabin is going to be mad.

Paula saw a snake.

Can Barrett be trusted?

I'm an optimistic guy.

These ties are very expensive.

I wonder how permanent this is going to be.

I'm loved.

My name is Sally.

I have red eyes.

That's the least of my problems.

She took a close look at the ring.

You speak English like a native.

It doesn't matter how old you get, you can learn.


The South had won the Battle of Chancellorsville.

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I'm afraid to go first, it's too dark.

I don't want to sue Darrell.

He does not speak unless he is asked to.

They refused to join the army.

The Japanese destroyed Pearl Harbor.

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This national treasure can be seen by the public only once a year.


I could be wrong, but I think Terry likes you.

You don't want me to be late for school, do you?

I'd like you to meet with Reinhard.

What kind of things do you enjoy doing?

When should I come to pick you up tomorrow?

Justine made short work of her opponents in her own personal variant of chess.

I think we should try it.


Hamilton broke down and cried.

Lois is very unkind.

Their names were erased from the list.

Flowers make her happy.

I told Jerome I wasn't going anywhere.


I did everything I could to win this prize.


We need to find him tonight.

She knows how to do the crawl.

Nora made a wisecrack.

Gods may do what cattle may not.

Jack is his own boss.


It wasn't our fault.

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That sounds incredible.

I needed to blow off some steam.

Leon doesn't quite know what to do.

I'm waiting for a very important call.

I was a constant torment to my parents.

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Perhaps we'll meet again.

When I came back, my car was gone.

I don't know everything, I never knew everything, and I'll never know everything.


Lenny didn't have any children.

That's absolutely incredible.

Isn't Huashi supposed to be here by now?

Have you eaten a banana pie?

Life can be fun.

I don't make the policies here.

Can you help me to translate these sentences into Chinese?

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She is probably just making a mountain out of a molehill again.

Nail the windows shut.

All major economies must step up to the plate if we are to avoid the dangerous consequences of climate change.


Dennis's answer surprised me.


Nobody believed in my country.

In fact, he has never been to New York.

How was the dance?

Every child took to the new teacher.

Shadow has lost his keycard.

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Be sure to come here by the appointed time.

It's cold today.

The towel is dry.


You'd better have it patented before you put it on the market.

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It's useless to say that friendship is more important than work.

I wanted to watch that movie with you.

Don't get too near.

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Art left his bed unmade.