Humans are naturally gamblers because of their instinct to survive. Because of the risks inherent in daily life, it was considered a skill for survival to be alive until the sun goes down, especially during the Stone Age. The human instinct to gamble, which was innate in all of us, did not diminish as we developed systems that could help us survive. It strengthened with the passage time.

The history of human civilization is full of the gambling instinct. Romans were famous for their violent gladiator matches which were brutal at best and visceral at worst. The first official ceremonies of the Colosseum were conducted by Titus the emperor in 80AD. Slave fought against each other in battles to their death and sometimes against wild animals. Spectators were happy to place bets on their favorite gladiator hoping that he would make it through the great battle.

As the time went on, some people found the violence in the human sport to be too much. Therefore, gambling has been reduced down to animal fights. These were popularized in Europe, especially Spain, Portugal. France. Some parts of Asia, such as the Philippines, Indonesia and the United Kingdom, have also been known to be human blood sports like gladiators. Bullfighting was, cockfighting was, and foxhunting were all part of these fights.

As European influence spread across all continents, the thrill and excitement of betting quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. Gradually, people became more hungry for wealth than they were for blood. The stakes could be high, but they were made more appealing by establishments such casinos. Never was gambling more enjoyable.

The arrival of the World Wars caused the collection momentum of betting to be stopped. Other activities, such as lotteries or race meeting, were severely restricted. It only returned to prominence in the middle of 1950s and quickly flourished again.

Gambling circles were not let down by the popularity of sporting events. Events like horse races, basketball matches, or baseball games seemed to demand more bets. The advancement of communications technology enabled the development and popularity of sports betting. For those who don’t live near the games, phone betting has become an attractive option. Intertops Antigua was one of the first companies to offer this service.

When the Internet became accessible to the public and for personal use, the betting community evolved into a closer-knit one. Globalization fulfilled its purpose, connecting the world in a way previously thought impossible. 188bet terbaru, an Gibraltar-based firm, developed software for use by other gaming firms around the world in 1996. The trend was quickly followed by other companies, and so online sports betting was born.